Chasse-Galerie: Only Five Weeks to Go!


Only Five Weeks to Go!

Thanks to the generosity of Ex-Cadets from all classes and many other friends of the colleges, fundraising for the Danny McLeod Athletic Endowment Fund has topped $90,000. When the matching donors catch up to the hard-working paddlers, the total will climb to at least $111,000. Hop aboard and help the paddlers reach their target of $150,000 before the canoe leaves Ottawa at 0800 on Friday, 16 September.

Phone Jennifer Jordan at 613-541-6000 ext 6807 or pay online by clicking “Donate Now > Athletics > Danny McLeod Athletic and then type the name of your favourite paddler in the Comments window. Your donation is tax-deductible and will be matched by one of the sponsors.

The Story Behind the Chasse-Galerie Paddles


Six years ago 7282 Rick Gilleland and 8788 Geoff Bennett worked with Jason Hunt of Vancouver Island’s Kwagiulth tribe to design a canoe paddle to represent the three branches of Canada’s armed forces.

Jason carved a 78” paddle out of a single piece of yellow cedar and created an original design depicting an eagle and wolf on the blade and an orca on the handle.

This paddle was used to steer the chasse-galerie canoe in 2011 and will be used again in September 2016. Jason created a similar design for a 20” decal which was applied to the crew’s paddle blades.

Jason comes from a long line of traditional artists, famous for carving totem poles and many other works of art. His portfolio can be viewed at .