CIS & CCAA Update & (W) VB Team on Snowy Road Trip

Around the middle of December we ran an article about a Universities and Colleges Looking At Possible Sports Merger.

Bill Oliver caught up with DAth, Darren Cates just before the holiday break to get an update. Darren happens to be a member of the steering committee.  Here is what he had to say:

a) Thoughts on the initiative?

“As a member of the steering committee I have to keep an open mind on this process. Personally, I believe that as providers of the highest competitive sport in the province we have a responsibility to create the best possible environment and experience for student-athletes. This means the bestathletes should be competing against one another. There are already a number of sports where CCAA and CIS student-athletes compete against one another and they work well. Thus, I am very interested to see what the consultants find and conclude through their surveys, interviews and research.”

b) Is there a mood or a sentiment from the majority of members from both associations to have some type of merger?

“There is a wide range of strong opinions amongst college and university presidents, athletic directors, coaches, student-athletes and alumni. These vary greatly and it is the consultant’s job and our job to collect all this input, take it into consideration and make recommendations on the best course of action.”

c) In these tough economic times doesn’t it make sense for this to go forward – and soon?

“Economics have become a major challenge for all universities and colleges and athletic departments are no exception. Costs continue to climb and we all have budgets to adhere to. Part of this process is to determine if there would be financial savings in different sport delivery models.”

d) What in your view will be the best case scenario from this study from an RMCC perspective? What, if any, is the down side?

“Without the benefit of the findings of the investigation it is tough to say what the best case scenario is for RMCC. I would really like this information in hand before determining if RMCC would benefit from any changes. I do think though that it will ensure that colleges and universities in Canada are delivering competitive sports in the best way possible for the student-athletes and thus RMCC would benefit along with all of the other CCAA and CIS members.”

e) Is there anything else you would like to add on the subject.

“I am honoured to be a member of the steering committee. With over 150 CCAA and CIS institutions it is exciting to be one of the six people playing a lead role in directing this process.”


Carolyn Welden(W) Volleyball team touring the Maritimes over the holidays

The RMC (W) volleyball team has been off on a demanding – six matches in six days road trip.

A massive winter storm that swept through the Maritimes on Saturday dumped up to 30 centimetres of snow on much of the region could not stop the RMC ladies.

“We have had an eventful past couple of days, snowstorm yesterday on our way to Acadia then the bus broke down on hwy, long day 10hrs in a bus!” Said, Head Coach, Carolyn Welden.

The trip included stops at:

Jan 1 vs St. Thomas University;

Jan 2 vs Acadia University;

Jan 3 vs Dalhousie University;

Jan 4 vs St Francis Xavier University @ 4pm;

Jan 4 vs Acadia University @ 6pm; and

Jan 6 vs Limoilou Cegep @ 10am

A full report includiong scores on the trip will be available next week.

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  • 5899 RJ Gray

    January 4, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    Unless there are two squads touring Nova Scotia, or RMC has discovered time travel, it is most unlikely they will be in Wolfville at 1800 today.