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Kingston Branch Gets Update on RMC Museum Project 

Article by 25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt

This past Wednesday, being the first Wednesday of November, saw the Kingston Branch of the RMC Club gather once again at the Senior Staff Mess. After mingling over drinks and lunch, they received an update from 3572 MGen (ret’d) Frank Norman on the status of efforts to build a proper home for the RMC Museum.

“There is good news and there is bad news,” he told those present. “The good news is that a week from today the Deputy Minister is coming from Ottawa and the purpose of her visit is the new museum. The bad news is that we are not yet ready to move forward the way that DND wants to move forward.” As MGen (ret’d) Norman explained, there are several reasons for this. One is that the original plan from the Friends of Point Frederick was to get this project off the ground, have the building completed, and eventually gift it to the Crown. “However, they changed the rules and now we cannot do that,” he said. Another reason is one of money. “We do not actually have the land yet and without the land we cannot actually raise any money.”

The current proposal from the Department of National Defense would see the Friends of Point Frederick lease the land for a period of 25-50 years. “That is not exactly what we agreed to do originally,” he explained.

As MGen (ret’d) Norman discussed, the ownership question raises others as well. “If we keep ownership, how do we get someone to run it? How do we make money to pay our bills? To keep this thing going? And if we cannot make happen what the Department wants to make happen, what do with the collections we already have?”

As those present observed when MGen (ret’d) took questions, the planned building, which would sit past the gatehouse on the road up to Fort Henry, isn’t the only option. However, as he explained, it is the ideal option. “First of all, we want to create a repository for the archives. All of that has to go somewhere and storage isn’t cheap. Fort Frederick, where the museum has been, is also not suitable as such a location.” More importantly, however, is the perceived role of the museum itself. “It’s more than just a place to store cap badges. We want to introduce Canadians to the story of RMC, to the contributions this place has made to Canada and to do that you need a building. A virtual museum alone is not enough (although it is part of the plan).”

A museum building in the proposed location would not only attract visitors from Fort Henry but also allow them to come to the museum without having to enter RMC’s security zone.

As MGen (ret’d) Norman concluded, the museum project is ultimately about showing real people what the College is all about. “Five of fourteen astronauts went through here,” he said. “If little Sally wants to be an astronaut when she grows up, her odds are better here. This is all part of the story that I believe needs to be told.”

The Friends of Point Frederick hope to have a plan for the way forward by Christmas.

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Vancouver Chapter of the RMC Club Invites Cadets to End-of-Year Reception 

The Vancouver Chapter of the RMC Club would be pleased to host all Cadets currently studying at RMC and CMR to an end-of-year reception from 13:00-16:00, Thursday, 27 December. The reception will be held at the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Officer’s Mess, The Armoury, 1650 Burrard Street. Family members of cadets are also invited.

Cadets are requested to wear No. 3 dress, and club hosts to wear business suit or club blazer.

Cadets are also requested to confirm their attendance by email by Monday, 17 December, to 11465 Neil Clegg (Email: [email protected]/Mobile: 1 (604) 306-0346)



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Special invite for cadets at both RMC and RMCSJ