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Class of ’62 Steps Up, Commemorating Remembrance Day with Class of ’78 Video, and Other Class & Branch News

Class of ’62 Steps Up

Article by Peter Reimer, RMC Sports Information and Promotion Coordinator

Rec Clubs at RMC are now benefiting from a new endowment, which was created thanks to generous donations from the Class of ’62 to the RMC Foundation, bringing the endowment total to over $230,000.

Interim Recreation and Intramural Manager Samantha Linton explained how much this support means to members of the Athletic Department and RMC’s Rec Clubs.

“We are extremely grateful for the continued support from the RMC Foundation and now the Class of ’62,” Linton said. “Their generous donation will provide many of our Officer Cadets with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which will truly enhance their time here at the college and their abilities as future leaders.”

The multi-sport club and climbing club were among the first to have their events supported by the Class of ’62 when they travelled to the Central Park Duathlon and to Calabogie for a climbing trip earlier in October. OCdt Riley Ewing and OCdt Adam Welsh finished both finished in the top 25 out of nearly 300 participants in New York, while a group of 20 was able to go climbing thanks to this funding.

Future activities funded through the endowment include the expedition club’s dog sledding adventure in Algonquin Provincial Park and sport parachuting’s trip to Florida to work toward their solo licences.


Thank you to the Class of 1962 and the RMC Foundation for their ongoing support of RMC’s Rec Clubs and the Athletics Department.


Commemorating Remembrance Day with the Class of 1978 Video

“Proud Moments In Uniform” Video Can Be Viewed Here

At the RMC Reunion weekend in September, the Class of 1978 celebrated 40 years since graduation, our final milestone before joining the Old Brigade in 2023. Remarkably, 166 classmates and spouses attended. A dedicated group of organizers, with outstanding leadership from Class Secretary, David Marshall, spent a full year preparing for an extraordinarily memorable experience. Frank Vagi, Bernie Degagné, Derrick Bouchard, Keith Hunt, Randy Cooper, John Wenek, Dale Robertson, and yours truly contributed to various aspects of the planning which included:  sleuthing for lost classmates to update our connections; continuous practice from our home-grown rock band; spirited involvement from one of our better halves; a Thousand Islands cruise; three music videos; and on-line reservations for class events, with payments made in advance!

Our weekend festivities began on Friday, starting with the Obstacle Course and then a Sunset Cruise on the Island Queen, generously hosted by classmate Dale Robertson. Carrying on to the Marriot Hotel Ballroom, we wondered if our 40-year milestone was unprecedented with the presence of our former Commandant, General John de Chastelain CC, CMM, CD, CH and his wife Mary Ann, piped in by our classmate Dan Cameron. General de Chastelain was a spry 40 year old Brigadier General when he became Commandant in 1977. Following a touching tribute by our Honour Slate CWC, Larry Stevenson, General de Chastelain delivered a stirring speech that we videotaped and may share in a later article. Then, a celebrated author, Cheryl Cooper, spouse of classmate Randy Cooper, gave a captivating and entertaining account of her experiences with our fourth year class from the standpoint of a Queen’s student having no previous exposure to the military. It was fascinating to hear her perspective on the activities and events of our final year. Cheryl just published her latest work, Run Red with Blood, a novel of the war of 1812, and sequel to Come Looking for Me and Second Summer of War. We happen to be equally blessed with many talented musicians who formed their own rock band called, “True Blue”, featuring John Wenek, John Stacey, Rick Darlington, Randy Cooper, and Frank Bognar. They played two amazing 45 minute sets of 70s music at our Friday night event. Naturally, in true military college fashion, we expressed our appreciation to Dale Robertson with hilarious video roast fit for a celebrity. Continuing with good old-fashioned fun, classmates John Stecyk, Pierre Carignan, and Kevin McNeil re-enacted an uproariously funny relic from our fourth year Variety Night portraying College Sergeant Major (CSM) Cox as the incredible little man, playing on tireless themes that brought back many fond memories of pounding the parade square.

An additional highlight of the entertainment was a series of three videos produced from old photographs relentlessly coaxed over nine months from every classmate who chose to contribute. The first, called College Days, combined our personal photos with video shorts taken from all archived film available from the Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre between 1973 and 1978.

With Remembrance Day a week away, I offered to share our second video entitled, Proud Moments in Uniform, which debuted at our Saturday night event, and is the focus of this article. It is available for your private viewing at this link on YouTube. Like every Ex-Cadet, we are proud beyond words of our classmates and what they accomplished during their careers in uniform, while the broader story of other successes in their lives and civilian careers remains to be told and may become the next project for our Old Brigade reunion. For example, classmate Larry Stevenson founded Chapters Books; classmate Jean de Lafontaine founded NGC Aerospace; John Carswell founded Canso Investment Counsel; Derrick Bouchard is Dean of Engineering at RMC; three classmates made Admiralty ranks in the RCN including Dean McFadden, Denis Rouleau, and Drew RobertsonJoe Hincke retired as Major-General; Roger McIssac as a Commodore; James Selbie, Eldren Thuen both as Brigadier-General; many classmates are successful entrepreneurs; and so on. In truth, there is a leadership success story tied to every member of the Class of 78 regardless of rank or status and, like all Ex-Cadets, we are living proof that the Canadian Military Colleges produce strong leaders for Canada with integrity, dedication, and courage in keeping with our mantra of Truth, Duty, Valour. 

Appreciating that a picture is worth a thousand words, you could write a book, or at least a chapter, about every personal photograph in the video that covers the full range of our participation in every Canadian Peace Mission and Combat Operation over more than three decades. It was truly a labour of love to collect and storyboard this video, but a brilliant professional videographer and editor, Igor Correia, earned our admiration for weaving it all together and artistically selecting the audio tracks. The first two thirds is HARD OPS combined with real Canadian Forces footage, followed by an equally powerful SOFT SIDE to our time in uniform leading to this very day with our most recent proud moments simply spent in the arms of our grand-children. With much admiration, I dedicate this video to my esteemed classmates from the three Canadian Military Colleges.

The final video was a touching tribute to our 15 Fallen Comrades showing photographs of their lives from childhood, through military college, family, career, and hobbies. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and if other classes were motivated to consider the same, I might share a private link with permission from their beloved widows.

At the 40-year point since graduation, we all felt compelled to preserve precious moments from the past, to enjoy reminiscing, and to celebrate our successes. As with all memorable achievements, this Herculean effort resulted from strong leadership and impressive team work from dedicated volunteers.

Truth, Duty, Valour

11766 James Philip Doherty, OMM, CD, P.Eng.




Le Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean(F)    Newsletter (E)


Special invite for cadets at both RMC and RMCSJ



The RMC Club Vancouver Branch plan to host a reception for serving RMC and RMCSJ cadets at 13:00-16:00, Thursday afternoon, 27 December. –  Details to be confirmed soon…



The Toronto Branch is celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of WWI on 8 November 2018 at Rodney’s Oyster House in Toronto.

Register online Here

Peter Fosbery is the coordinator for the event
The cost for oysters is $50. The cost for those who don’t want oysters is $15.



  • Dr. Harry Kowal

    November 5, 2018 at 6:53 pm

    What a wonderful tribute to the Class of ’78. Well done! I know the video is sure to bring back many fond memories of the countless experiences and accomplishments throughout your class as it will for the many families and friends connected to you all. As RMC Principal I cannot help but beam with pride because these experiences and successes speak volumes for the quality of the education and leadership development inherent in our program. Rest assured, it continues today! I would like to thank the Class of 1978 for sharing your stories and for all that you have accomplished throughout your many remarkable careers. Watching the video brought back great memories for me and I am confident that it will for all RMC graduates. Please give this video wide distribution! TDV – Harry, 14458

  • Mike Kennedy #12570

    November 5, 2018 at 9:09 pm

    I would strongly encourage everyone who has not already done so to have a look at the “Proud Moments in Uniform” video produced by Jim Doherty and the Class of 1978. It is an exceptional to the service rendered by the members of what is likely one of the most accomplished classes the College has ever produced in its entire history.
    The Class of 1978 were my III yer seniors back in 1976-77. Jim Doherty was in my squadron, and I have many fond memories of him, and of other members of his class who were important mentors to more junior cadets like myself during that pivotal time in our lives. To those of who knew them back then, it is certainly no surprise that so many of them went on to become extremely successful in both their military careers, and in many other civilian pursuits as well.
    Congratulations and well done to everyone who had a hand in creating this excellent testimonial to the class. Anyone who was at the College in the mid-1970’s will be sure to see some familiar faces of old friends in this video.

  • Kevin Bryski

    November 5, 2018 at 10:24 pm

    To my good friend James P. Doherty, Hey Mr. You have outdone yourself once again with a stunning peice of memorable work for your class. Mireille and your family are so very blessed to be with a man so dedicated as yourself. This project is a fine example of your selfless dedication to your fellow buds. Well done.

    PS Love to see the link you mention above.