Class Notes

After serving at the pleasure of Her Majesty, serving Queen and Country, 12630 Achim von Wiedner is retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces having served 37 years. He and Ann will be moving to Chilliwack, BC in Aug.

Prior to their departure further West, a Depart With Dignity function will be held in his honour, 9 Aug.

Exact details are not available at press time but it is expected to be an informal gathering by his colleagues and staff from CFB Edmonton.



15118 Mr Dave Gorth (RMC 1985) was recognized with the ADM(Mat) Merit Award for his outstanding efforts and tremendous foresight as a member of the Medium to Heavy-Lift Helicopter Team. Mr. Gorth’s technical skills and administrative acumen have been specifically noted by the Boeing Program Manager. Mr. Gorth has been a vital part of the successful delivery of Chinooks to Canada.


16303 Colonel Mario Leblanc (RMC 1988), Commanding Officer of Aaerospace Eengineering Test Establishment (AETE ) , presents a cheque to Barbara Heffernan, Scotiabank Cold Lake branch manager for the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Flood Relief.

DGAEPM Donates to Alberta Flood Relief – Hope to Help Lac-Mégantic Victims, Too

On June 28, Director General Aerospace Engineeting Project Management (DGAEPM) raised $1,828.00 during a one-day “Civvy Friday” fundraising event to help the Red Cross and Alberta Flood Relief. The event snowballed from a small local initiative to a large, multi-organizational event due to the coordinated efforts of charity teams in AETE in Cold Lake and the rest of DGAEPM in Gatineau. DGMPD also contributed to the fund-raising effort.

Sadly, disaster has struck again, this time at Lac-Mégantic where the town has been devastated by a horrific explosion. 16508 Colonel Terry Wood (RMC 1988), Chief of Staff of DGAEPM, has asked his division to dig deep once again and donate to the people of Lac-Mégantic. Canvassers will be walking the floors. All funds raised will be donated to the Red Cross in support of relief efforts. Anyone can donate but, as a special bonus, in exchange for a toonie (or more) DGAEPM personnel not normally authorized to wear jeans this Friday may do so. Anyone outside of DGAEPM who wishes to donate may send cheques or cash to Ms Doogie Dick, [email protected]

DGGPEA fait un don pour les secours aux victimes d’inondation en Alberta – et veut aussi aider les victimes du Lac-Mégantic

Le 28 juin, DGGPEA a recueilli $1 828.00 au cours d’un évènement de levée de fonds de type “vendredi civil” visant à aider les efforts de la Croix rouge et les secours pour les victimes d’inondation en Alberta. L’évènement a fait boule de neige et est devenu un évènement important et multi-organisationnel en raison des efforts coordonnés des équipes de charité du CETA de Cold Lake et du reste de DGGPEA à Gatineau. DGRGP a aussi contribué à la levée de fonds.

Malheureusement, un désastre est aussi survenu au Lac-Mégantic alors que la ville a été dévastée par une horrible explosion. Le col Terry Wood, chef d’état-major de DGGPEA, a fait à nouveau appel à la générosité de sa division pour envoyer un don à la population de Lac-Mégantic. Les solliciteurs passeront sur vos étages. Tous les fonds recueillis seront donnés à la Croix rouge afin d’appuyer les secours. N’importe qui peut faire des dons mais, en boni, en échange d’un dollar (ou plus), le personnel de DGGPEA qui n’a normalement pas le droit de le faire pourra porter des jeans ce vendredi.

Toute personne de l’extérieur de DGGPEA qui désire faire un don peut faire parvenir des chèques ou de l’argent à Mme Doogie Dick à [email protected]


M0766 LCdr (Ret’d) Jack MacDonald (RMC 1999) Performance and Improvement Manager with the Directorate of Maritime Ship Support (DMSS), was recognized with the ADM(Mat) Merit Award for his remarkable passion and commitment toward the MEPM Strategic Initiatives (MSI). He is a superb asset to DGMEPM and his efforts can be directly attributed to the early successes of the initiative.


21985 Maj Chirag Hingwala (RMC 2001), Electro Optics Technical Authority with the Directorate of Soldier Systems Program Management (DSSPM) in DGLEPM, was recognized with the ADM(Mat) Merit Award for his outstanding leadership, professional dedication and commitment in the development and implementation of the DSSPM Fleet Management Review process.

The Fleet Management Review of in-service equipment has resulted in an efficient review of how equipment is managed and resulted in a comprehensive dialogue amongst stakeholders, improved availability of equipment and cost savings for years to come.


PhD Candidate – Chemistry & Chemical Engineering 21991 Major Paul Cameron Hungler will be presenting his THESIS DEFENCE, Friday 9 August 2013 – DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A NEUTRON TOMOGRAPHY INSTRUMENT FOR THE CHARACTERIZATION OF DEGRADATION IN HONEYCOMB COMPOSITES


 The feasibility of developing a nondestructive evaluation technique (NDE) or combination of techniques capable of characterizing degradation in honeycomb composites was investigated. To enable the determination of the exact location of water ingress inside a honeycomb composite structure, a novel neutron tomography instrument (NTI) was designed and developed at RMC. The system allows a range of objects to be investigated including honeycomb coupons and complete CF188 rudders. In order to produce 3D volumetric reconstructions of sufficient quality to assess the location of water, the system was optimized in terms of optics, spatial resolution and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Several noise reduction filters were applied to 2D and 3D images produced by the NTI which improved the spatial resolution and SNR.

Appropriate coupons that were purposely degraded to represent honeycomb composites subjected to water ingress were designed, constructed and tested. To produce coupons with different degrees of degradation in the skin to core bond, varying numbers of freeze-thaw cycles were used. Destructive flat-wise tension tests were then performed to evaluate the coupons and the results showed a strong 1st order linear decay relationship between the number of freeze-thaw cycles and the filet bond strength. The degraded coupons were subsequently inspected using several adapted NDE techniques: neutron tomography, infrared thermography, through-transmission ultrasonics and acoustic bond testing. Neutron tomography was capable of detailing the exact location of water in the composite using 3D volumetric reconstructions and individual axial slices. Both through-transmission ultrasonics and acoustic bond testing were capable of detecting degradation in the test coupons. Finally, reliable quantification of varying degrees of adhesive degradation was recommended with future development of the NDE techniques.


22443 Maj Steven Cahill (RMC 2002), of CFB Petawawa and formerly of DSSPM in DGLEPM, was recognized with the Commander of the Canadian Army Commendation for the outstanding professionalism and leadership that he demonstrated as the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (RCEME) Corps Senior Staff Officer over the past two years.

Through his professional knowledge and tireless dedication, he was instrumental in enhancing the situational awareness of all RCEME stakeholders on Corps priorities by creating and maintaining modern communication tools such as social networks. This has proven to be a force multiplier in coordinating actions and initiatives to deliver on the RCEME Strategic Management Plan. Maj Cahill’s achievement will benefit the RCEME Corps for years to come and has brought great credit to the Canadian Army.