Class Notes…

the FADED GENES…A group of over-the-hill rockers…

Rock ‘n Roll Band – The Faded Genes, played for the Branch 101 Canadian Legion’s Canada Day BBQ. Band Leader – 7278 Peter Fosbery (Class of ’67)  Guitars/one harmonica/vocals/occ. keyboards

About the Band

A group of over-the-hill rockers who play for fun for parties, Bar Mitzvahs/50+ Birthdays and certain weddings. Most members have past the half-century, and probably combined, know over 300 songs. Most of our repertoire comprises hits from the 60′s and 70′s, while our younger members are slowly, painfully dragging us into the new millennium. That said, we are music lovers and we can learn anything… as long as we love it.

We’re an eight-piece rock band with great harmonies and a horn section. We’re proud of our sound, but we’re not “prima donnas.” We can’t afford roadies, so we charge for the inconvenience of stage set-up, and a few other related expenses. Octets don’t usually come cheap, but playing for a fun-loving audience is our greatest reward. We’re not in the union, and we’ll play in many locations. We also do lots of work for charities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our very best to meet your needs.  Home


IFLOAT – Co-Created and Designed by an Olympic Triathlete – 17324  Sharon Donnelly ( Class of ’90)

Sharon has been part of the IFLOAT team since the beginning. Her insights and experience as a professional swimmer shaped the IFLOAT to be what it is.

Sharon is an athlete and a coach. Three time Canadian Champion, 1999 Pan American Games Champion, Sydney Olympian, 2002 Commonwealth Games Team Member and 8th place finisher in the 2002 Worlds.

 Read more about Sharon here.


3 Ex-cadets among latest RCN contingent for OP REGULUS – Chile

(R-L) Sub-Lieutenants  25504 Jonathan Lapointe-Desjardins (RMCC Class of 2012);24712 Brent Fisher (RMCC Class of 2010), and 25462 Daniel Chamberlain (RMCC Class of 2012), are part of a contingent of junior MARS officers deployed to various naval bases throughout Chile as part of OP REGULUS, a naval and cultural exchange between the Royal Canadian Navy and the Armada de Chile.

The Canadian naval officers have just completed a four week Spanish language program in Viña del Mar, and will be completing BWK training with a variety of Chilean sovereignty patrol and research vessels based out of Puerto Montt, Punta Arenas, and Puerto Williams prior to their return to the Pacific and Atlantic fleets in December.