Class Notes

13710 Bruce Beavis (Class of 1982) having conducted a poll of three ex-cadets is interested in gauging general interest and ideas around forming an ex-cadet piping group.  Suggestions include an informal piping weekend in Kingston or Toronto extending all the way to forming a band or holding a school in the summer.  If you are a former RMC or RRMC piper or an ex-cadet who took up the pipes in your riper years, please contact Bruce at either [email protected] or through the RMC Facebook or LinkedIn sites.

Bruce was a clarinetist in the RRMC band and then dropped music for years.  Three years ago, on a long consulting project in Pittsburgh, his long dormant “inner piper” began to rouse itself.  An impulse chanter and instruction book purchase over a Canada Day weekend and the revelation that YouTube is not a practical way to learn the embellishments led to lessons with George Balderose at the Balmoral School.  He also reports that the Marriott Residence Inn was a terrific place to learn to play a very loud (but inspiring) musical instrument.  For the last two summers, Bruce helped organize the Glasgow-based College of Piping Summer Camps in Boston.  While not in a regular band, he is piping most fall weekends at regattas for his daughter’s crew team in Chicago.  “The faster they row, the sooner I stop!”


Veterans Affairs Subcommittee Elects Senator Joseph A. Day as Chair and Senator Carolyn Stewart-Olsen as Deputy Chair

OTTAWA, September 24, 2014 – At an organization meeting held today, members of the subcommittee on Veterans Affairs elected 7543 Senator Joseph A. Day (Saint John-Kennebecasis – New Brunswick) (Class of 1968) as chair of the subcommittee and Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen (New Brunswick) as deputy chair.

The other three members of the subcommittee are Senators Daniel Lang (Yukon), Grant Mitchell (Alberta), and Vernon White (Ontario).

The Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence created this subcommittee to examine matters pertaining specifically to Canadian Veterans. The subcommittee meets on Wednesdays at noon.

The committee thanks the former chair of the subcommittee, retired Senator Roméo A. Dallaire and Senator David Wells, deputy chair, for their valuable contribution to the work of the Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs.

Over the coming months, the subcommittee will resume its study on the medical, social, and operational impacts of mental health issues affecting serving and retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces, including operational stress injuries (OSIs) such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

For more information on the subcommittee, its work in past sessions or upcoming meetings, visit:

Follow the Senate of Canada on Twitter @SenateCA and use the committee hashtag #VEAC for updates.

Le Sous-comité des anciens combattants élit le sénateur Joseph A. Day à sa présidence et la sénatrice Carolyn Stewart-Olsen à sa vice-présidence

OTTAWA, le 24 septembre 2014 – Lors de leur réunion d’aujourd’hui, les membres du Sous comité des anciens combattants ont élu le sénateur 7543 Joseph A. Day (Saint John Kennebecasis – Nouveau Brunswick) et la sénatrice Carolyn Stewart Olsen (Nouveau Brunswick) à titre respectivement de président et de vice présidente du sous comité.

Les trois autres membres sont les sénateurs Daniel Lang (Yukon), Grant Mitchell (Alberta) et Vernon White (Ontario).

Le Comité sénatorial permanent de la sécurité nationale et de la défense a créé ce sous-comité afin d’examiner les questions touchant expressément les anciens combattants canadiens. Le sous-comité se réunit les mercredis à midi.

Le comité tient à remercier l’ancien président du sous-comité, le sénateur à la retraite Roméo A. Dallaire et le sénateur David Wells, vice-président, pour leur grande contribution aux travaux du Sous-comité des anciens combattants.

Au cours des mois à venir, le sous-comité reprendra son étude sur les répercussions médicales, sociales et opérationnelles des problèmes de santé mentale dont sont atteints des membres actifs et à la retraite des Forces canadienne, y compris les blessures de stress opérationnel (BSO) comme l’état de stress post-traumatique.

Pour en savoir plus sur le sous-comité, ses travaux ou ses prochaines réunions, visitez le site :

Vous pouvez aussi suivre le Sénat du Canada sur Twitter @SenatCA et utiliser le mot clic #VEAC pour vous tenir au courant des activités du comité.


Class of 1964 Meet to Honour One of their Fallen

On Saturday 27 September (during reunion weekend) members of the Class of 1964 along with their families gathered in the Protestant Chapel on the 3rd floor of Yeo hall to honour one of their fallen.

6090 Bishop George Bruce presided at the service for the Dedication of the Memorial Window to 6229 John Carson R22eR.

The service included a prayer for the Dedication of the Window and also the reading of the names of all of the fallen members of the Class of 1964: 5985 Al Nihei; 6221 Michael Bond; 55804 Stew Esdaile; 6106 John Lott; 6202 Bill Purdy; 57889 James Bain; 6243 Patrick Dunne; 6015 Robin Murrell; 6156 Ron Andrews; 6263 Yarko Koropecki; 6076 Doug  Hyndman; 6227 Tom Calow; 6292 Joe Pope; 6005 Jean Marie Huard; 6021 Aime Bosse; 6111 Reynald Richard;6132 JJA Comeau; 6168 Doug Daniels;6041 Ron Veilleux; 6195 Bruce McLeod; 6042 Michel Cataford; 6043 Henri-Paul Martel; 6239 Larry Dick; and 5986 Neil Carscadden.

A great tribute to John Carson and all of the members of the class of 1964.



  • Victoria Edwards E3161

    October 6, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    Dedication of the Memorial Window to # 6229 Lieutenant John Preston Carson R22eR.

    Lieut. John Carson, a graduate of 1964, was drowned after a parachute jump during exercises conducted by the Parachute Club of Canada on Saturday, 22 May, 1965, Lieut. Carson had bailed out with other parachutists from the aircraft over Cranson Lake, five miles north of Pembroke. He and another parachutist apparently were unable to free themselves from their parachute harness and were pulled down into the water. The exercises were preparatory to the Canadian Sky Diving Championships scheduled for September in this area. Lieut. Carson was stationed at Camp Valcartier. He entered Royal Roads in 1960 and graduated from RMC with a B.A. degree in 1964, He was commissioned in the R22eR.

  • Victoria Edwards E3161

    October 6, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    The parachute accident that took the life of 6229 Lieutenant John Preston Carson R22eR was described in the Ottawa Journal

    PEMBROKE (Staff) A “fun jump weekend” sponsored by the Camp Petawawa Sport Parachute Club ended in tragedy a few hours after it began Saturday, ‘when two jumpers drowned in Cranson Lake after they were apparently blown off course, five miles east of here on Allumette Island, Que. A third parachutist who came down in the lake “at least 2,000 feet off target” at the same time swam to safety.


    Dead are Lieut. John Carson, 24, of Camp Valcartier, Que.,’ and Leo Straus, 27, of Waterloo, Ont. Lieut Carson, a member of the Royal 22nd Regiment, was a son of Rev. and Mrs. Michael John David Carton, of 124 Amesbrook, Avenue, Ottawa. The parachutists took off from Northland Airways runway on Allumette Island in a twin-engined Beech aircraft donated by Ess and Ess. Parachuting Club of Montreal of which Lieut. Carson was a member. OPP Constable Byng Anderson, who investigated the accident, said there were three other parachutists in the plane. He said all six jumped and that Bonneau,-. 22, of nearby Hammond, broke his thumb. He was treated at hospital and released.
    An Inquest has been ordered into the fatality. S. F. Wydkham-Martin of St. Jovite, Que., came- down safely on the airfield target. The constable said the three who hit the lake jumped at a height of 14,000 feet “and must have come down at least 2,000 teet off the target.” Karl Krumell, president of the Camp Petawawa Sport Parachute Club, “said Monday it had been determined what caused the accident, “But there are a few things we have to iron out before we make an announcement” he said. Constable Anderson said Saturday was “windy and a bad day for jumping.”

    A spokesman for the parachutists said all the men were highly experienced jumpers and had learned how to descend safely into water.


    A loud bailor had been used to warn the three they were going to land in water. A boat that started for the trio faltered temporarily ; with engine-trouble. By the time it reached the scene the crew was able to grab the harness worn’ by Mr. Straus but the jumper was dead.