Class Notes

‘Class Notes’ has become a highly read part of each publication of e-Veritas. We invite readers of all stripes – Ex cadets; PGs; Continuing Education students; former & current faculty & staff to participate. Simply provide a short update on recent significant life events (job changes, retirement, promotions, changed locations, new family members, personal initiatives within your community, etc.)

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80th birthday photo taken at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, ON

Class Notes


3214 Phil Gunyon, ’55 is entering his 15th year in retirement and his 7th in Bracebridge, ON – made famous by the Muskoka Cottage Brewery (17367 Gary McMullen.) He and his wife, Eva, pass riotous evenings in the company of 4948 Stephen Newroth and other non-CSC friends, interspersed with Parish Council meetings and other interesting pastimes. Having just celebrated his 80th birthday amid his predominantly female family (photo right), Phil passed his extended drivers test and looks forward to two more years on the road. Visits to Vancouver and Bratislava are in the cards over the next 12 months.



7099 Roger MacGregor, ‘67 lives at Ivy Lea, Ontario with his wife Margery (McGill/Macdonald ‘68). He says he is still working ( but slowing down. It is ten years since he wrote When the Chestnut was in Flower, the story of the Chestnut canoe from Fredericton. He still goes to RMC to cheer on the soccer and hockey teams. He often goes home to New Brunswick to gather material for a monograph on the artist Tappan Adney (1868 – 1950.) In fall, he follows the migration of the Greater Snow Geese in Félix Leclerc country between the Île-d’Orléans and Rivière-du-Loup.

8613 William L. Baynton, ’71 has always been very proud to have been associated with CMR and RMC and how it has shaped him. He is especially grateful for the shared values with other cadets and relationships that have endured over the years and is also proud for being recognized in 1970 as the Crossed Swords & Crown recipient across all three colleges. As employee and advisor, his P.Eng./MBA career focus has been on providing business leadership, including a number of difficult turnarounds – all of which were successful. Some consider him an expert in producing business plans. His 40-year marriage has produced four well educated and decent children who continue to make good choices with mates and in life (and three glorious grandchildren.)


12522 Peter Greenwood, ’80 returned to RMCC to join the M.Eng Class of ’99. He retired from the Navy in 2002, but chose to remain in the Department of National Defence as an Engineering Project Manager in Information Management Group. He lives in Ottawa with Wendy, his wife of 30 years, close to his children and granddaughter, Emilie – who he jestingly hopes might be in the RMCC class of 2034!

14458 Harry James Kowal, ’84 was first posted to the National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa in the Directorate General of Aerospace Engineering and Maintenance as the Life ycle Material Manager for helicopter engines until 1988. After this, he was posted to 4 Wing, Cold Lake as Aerodynamics Specialist for the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment. After subsequentially becoming an Assistant Professor at RMCC, an Aircraft Maintenance Officer, and Aircraft Maintenance Suprrort Officer, Colonel Kowal was appointed Commandant of the CF School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering at 16 Wing, Borden. Before assuming his current appointment as CO of the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment in 8 July 2011, he also held several other notable positions.

15052 Mike Vernon, ’85 has produced an hour-long video documentary for the Canadian Army.   “Desert Lions: Canadian Forces Mentors in Kandahar” follows the ups and downs of  a nine-man Operational Mentor and Liaison Team operating within the village of Nackhonay in 2010.  Brian Hutchinson of the  National Post has called it “a telling, warts-and-all documentary… a great piece of reporting”.   It can be viewed on YouTube at:  Mike recently retired from the CF (Calgary Highlanders) and teaches journalism in Calgary.

15498 Chris Ayers, ’86 is married to Sarah Furtado and has a daughter named Naomi.  They live in Calgary, where he practices Family Medicine, Sarah practices Neurology, and Naomi practices her French Lessons.  He teaches Medical Students too, and is improving his understanding of the human condition by striving to hone his already-acute listening skills.  Last September, he attended a Class of ’86 Reunion where he was astounded and impressed by the accomplishments and personalities of his ‘buds’ and their spouses.  He says as he humbly reminisces, “I guess I never realized what a crackerjack bunch I was studying with.

20596 Lyna Gravel, ’97 is currently posted as the CEFCOM J4 Plans, while pursuing an executive MBA with Athabasca University during her spare time. She has just completed her 20th year of service. Since her graduation from RMC in 1997, she has been posted to Valcartier (5 Svc Bn and 5 Field Amb), Egypt (MFO), Ottawa (DLR, CANOSCOM, CEFCOM), Montreal (5 ASG), and Toronto (Staff College). She also served in Bosnia. Her partner, Andre, his two sons Charles-Antoine and Zachary, and their dog, Maya, are still in Quebec City, where she travels to on the week-end. They enjoy camping, mountain biking and wake boarding. “Life is good!