Class Notes & Branch Update…

’69ers Walk the Talk’

Front row: Dave Lowdon, Chris Hordal, Dave Cudmore, Wil Bush, Fletcher Thomson

In the rear: Paul Hession, Gord Hamilton, Garth Jonah, Cajo Brando, Don Bell, Jim McCarthy, Mike Lawrence, Laurie Villeneuve, Peter McMillan, Don Partsch, Mike Johnson

Kingston Branch Spring Dinner – part of the crowd


’69ers continue to set the bar high at Branch gatherings in Ottawa & Toronto


The last time the Class of ’69 had a significant gathering of Ottawa was last November when they met at the Navy Mess and enjoyed lunch and a tot of rum. Mike Johnson well known by his ‘buds’ to enjoy a get together came up with an idea. “I suggest it’s time we considered another mini-reunion.”

The May monthly luncheon was held last Wednesday, May 4, at the Army Officer’s Mess. Mike who always seems to have his ear close to the ground advised his classmates; “Rumour has it the Class of ’62 is doing a “fan out” to try to dominate the attendance. Clearly the Class of ’69 cannot leave that situation unchallenged.”

The Cornwall, ON native upped the ante. “We had 17 classmates attend in November….although it is short notice, let’s see if we can beat that number.”

As the photo above will attest they didn’t beat their November total but they did have 16 members of the Class attend. Still pretty impressive!


For the record, the ‘69ers had 11 attend the Toronto Branch dinner the previous Friday evening and from all reports had a great time. They doubled the next closest class in terms of attendance.



Kingston Branch Spring Dinner


Last Thursday (5 May) a nice turnout of over 60 people attended the Kingston Branch Dinner which was held at the RMC Senior Staff Mess.

A good mixture of Ex Cadets, and others enjoyed a friendly evening of socializing. Dress was flexible and everyone who turned out appeared to enjoy themselves.

The general consensus by those we spoke with thought that the meal and service were both excellent.

Club president, 5877 Ted Davie (photo left), kept things going in his usual low-key and friendly style.

Although the dinner was not a formal affair there were four toasts given: 8170 Keith Orton – The Loyal Toast; Toast to the college(s) – including RMC, CMR and RRMC by 5207 Andrew Robb; 13987 Bryan Bailey, Club Executive Director, appropriately led the Toast to the Club. The final Toast to the Fallen was introduced by 3521 Charlie Simonds.

The traditional Club roll call was taken to wrap-up a nice evening.

The Kingston Branch will be holding their annual AGM this Wed (11 May) following the noon meet & greet and luncheon.  All Club members from the Kingston area are encouraged to attend.

 More photos from the Kingston Branch Spring Dinner by: Melanie Hughes – Here