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Class Notes: ‘Buds helping buds’; Rooks meeting-up 62 years later; & Our Hallmark

CMR ‘rooks’ in 1956

CMR Entry Year – Class of ’56 buds – enjoy time together at their annual Christmas time lunch in Montreal. 5045 Ralph Awrey living in Toronto (lucky guy) was unable to attend but did the next best thing by buying the lads a round of drinks! Which they all enjoyed!


L to R/G à D– 10455 Jacques Michaud, 9631 Mike Appleton, 9962 Greg Hug, 9918 Doug Dempster and Maria Hug


(version francais suite)

After just over four weeks, you the donors have allowed us to meet our goal – and then some. Demonstrations of such benevolence are rare, especially in these turbulent times. Your generosity towards our friend Greg is a wonderful tribute to the inherent goodness of humanity. Thank you all so very, very much.

Greg, Maria and the Friends of Greg Group (FOGG) have found a used 2017 Ford van in excellent condition that perfectly meets their needs. This vehicle has two key advantages – lower cost and immediate availability for modification. However, we will add some options to allow Maria to safely operate the van, and the warranty should be extended.

The modifications costs to their garage for this vehicle will also have an impact on the overall costs of our initiative. These modifications are due to take place in the spring and we have yet to receive quotes for the project.

We’ve closed off electronic donations. For those who would still like to contribute, donations by cheque will be accepted until 31 December 2018. Any donations received after that date will be returned.

As shown in the photo above, the FOGG presented Greg and Maria with a cheque for $75,000 to purchase this van, modify it and install all the necessary accessories, and the FOGG will assist in these endeavours.

The remainder of the funds collected will be held by the FOGG as a reserve until all expenditures considered within scope of the initial Mobilegreg drive are accounted for, and here’s why.

We will likely be on target with the amount received. Should there be additional costs that are within the scope of the project but were not foreseen, this reserve will cover them. Once the vehicle is delivered and all costs covered, the remainder will be donated to Wounded Warriors in accordance with Greg’s wishes and our promise to you. Currently, the handover ceremony for the completion of the Mobilegreg project is foreseen for sometime in the spring of 2019.

We encourage you to keep checking our website, as we will continue to post updates on this site on the overall progress of the project as well as on Greg’s condition.

Après un peu plus de quatre semaines, vous les donateurs nous ont permis de rencontrer et même excéder notre but. La démonstration de tant de générosité se fait rare en ces temps turbulents. Votre générosité pour notre ami Greg est un témoignage de la bonté inhérente de l’humanité. Merci à tous, merci, merci.

Greg, Maria et le groupe des amis de Greg (LGAG) ont trouvé une camionnette Ford 2017 usagée qui rencontre parfaitement leurs besoins. Ce véhicule offre deux avantages importants – moins cher et disponibilité immédiate pour être modifiée. Cependant nous ajouterons quelques options pour permettre la conduite sécuritaire de la camionnette par Maria, et la garantie devrait être prolongée.

Les couts de modifications du garage de la résidence pour ce véhicule va aussi avoir un impact sur les coûts de notre initiative. Ces modificatifs se feront au printemps et nous attendons toujours des estimés pour ce projet.

Nous avons mis une halte au dons électroniques. Pour ceux qui voudraient toujours donner, les chèques seront acceptés jusqu’au 31 décembre 2018. Passé cette échéance, les chèques reçus seront retournés.

Tel que montré sur la photo plus haute, LGAG a présenté à Greg et Maria un chèque de 75 000$ pour l’achat de la camionnette, la modification et l’installation de tous les accessoires. LGAG vont les aider dans leurs démarches.

La balance des fonds ramassés seront gardés par LGAG en réserve jusqu’à ce que toutes les dépenses reliées à la campagne Gregmobile soient comptabilisées. Voici pourquoi.

On sera sans doute parfaitement en selle avec les montants reçus. Si des coûts additionnels en ligne avec la campagne initiale survenaient, les fonds de réserve les couvriraient. À la livraison du véhicule et tous les frais payés, l’excédent sera remis à « Wounded Warriors » selon les désirs de Greg et la promesse que nous vous avons faîte. La cérémonie de clôture pour la fin du projet Gregmobile est prévue pour le printemps 2019.

Nous vous encourageons à vérifier notre site web car nous allons continuer de mettre le site à jour sur les progrès du projet de même que sur la condition de Greg.


Dealing With Change is Our Hallmark

Article by 25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt

As we enter into a new year, I am reminded that the old one was, for me at least, a year of great personal change. Being back at RMC, and around this environment again, I am also reminded that as both ex-Cadets and current Cadets, dealing with change is something we tend to do very well.

I remember dealing with a new Barslate every semester, in addition to new roommates and different rooms, as well as having new senior leadership every few years. (In my time as a Cadet we had three different Commandants and three Directors of Cadets.) That’s not to mention the (occasional) last minute timings and other little headaches that we had to deal with. And the changes don’t stop coming just because you graduate. There are always new postings, new chains of command, and new challenges.

You never know what the future has in store. What I do know is that our adaptability and comfort with change sets us up not only to deal with the challenges that come but also to excel in them. That is, you could say, our hallmark. Here’s to 2019 and all the changes it may bring!

One Comment

  • J. R. Digger MacDougall

    January 7, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    There appeared to be a lot of familiar old guys in that 1956 raw-crewts photo above. Glad to see there smiling faces. To all who ventured to this reunion…….I wish you, and all with whom you share life, a very Happy New Year. Stay on this side of the grass until we meet again.