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Class of 1960 Fundraising Committee Announces 60th Anniversary Fundraising Project

RMC Class of 1960 Fundraising Committee Announces 60th Anniversary Fundraising Project

The Class of 1960 will celebrate 60 years from graduation in 2020.  As their gift to the College on this important anniversary they are planning on to a substantial increase to their Class Endowment which supports RMC Museum Operations.

Why is it important to provide funding to Museum Operations?

RMC is the only organization in Canada which not only teaches leadership but produces leaders, many of whom have distinguished themselves in their field. The museum is the main repository of the heritage of the College and its graduates. Its importance is principally to provide the Cadet body with a deep understanding of what the College stands for and what its graduates have accomplished through its exhibits, artifacts and archives. RMC’s heritage is more than just history, it consists of the Colleges’ reason for existence, traditions, accomplishments, moral basis, and standards. The museum tells the story of RMC ex-Cadets and their contribution to nation-building. It is also an excellent resource to external researchers.

The RMC museum is now at a critical juncture. It has an enormous trove of collections and artifacts, but many of them are uncatalogued, inaccessible and/or improperly stored. Curatorial duties to care for the material are complex, and they also include creating exhibits to showcase various aspects of RMC heritage. DND funds only one staff person to manage this operation, calculated as requiring 3.5 persons in addition to the curator. As the museum is in transition from Fort Frederick to a new location, and the date of that move is uncertain, the workload is increased.

We can make a difference! Your gift will support the curatorial work necessary both in the transition and in years to come. The history of your class and your classmates will be a part of the museum heritage, and your contribution will be recognized with a Martello Tower Lapel Pin in recognition of your gift.

Donations will be recognized as follows:

Memorial Arch Circle – $50-$100

Fort Frederick Circle – $150-$250

Martello Tower Circle – $500-$1000

Current Donors as of 18 July include:

  • 4818 Murray Ramsbottom – Martello Tower Circle
  • 4778 Len Kubas – Martello Tower Circle, Class of 1960
  • 4376 Yvon Labossiére – Martello Tower Circle, Class of 1960
  • 4890 Maurice Corbett – Martello Tower Circle, Class of 1960
  • 4824 John Treddenick – Martello Tower Circle, Class of 1960

How to donate:

  1. Online at rmcfoundation.ca
  2. By Phone – 613-541-6000 ext 6807
  3. Or by calling Jennifer Jordan for more options

One Comment

  • J. R. Digger MacDougall

    July 23, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Congratulations to the Class of 1960 for selecting the RMC Museum as the fundraising project to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of graduation. The Ottawa Branch salutes you for your dedication to preserving the College’s history and wishes you good fortune in this endeavour.
    J. R. Digger MacDougall
    President Ottawa Branch