Class of 1965 Teaching Excellence Award: Nominees

Nominees for the Teaching Excellence Award Announced /

Les nominés pour le Prix d’Excellence dans l’Enseignement a Annoncé


Le comité du Prix d’Excellence en Enseignement veux annoncer les résultats de l’appel de candidatures pour le prix d’excellence en enseignement de la classe de 1965. La liste des candidats à considérer au cours du processus de sélection de cette année est la suivante:

 Maj. Brigitte Allaire, Administration des affaires, Dr. Jessica Ward-King, Psychologie militaire et leadership,

Dr. Christian Leuprecht, Politique et science économique, Ltv Stephane Paquette, Chimie et de génie chimique

Dr. Ruben Perez, Génie mécanique et génie aérospatial, Dr. Nicholas Vlachopoulos, Génie civil

Dr. Yahia Antar, Génie électrique et génie informatique, Dr. Alain Beaulieu, Génie électrique et génie informatique

Dr. Joey Bray, Génie électrique et génie informatique, Dr. Aboelmagd Noureldin, Génie électrique et génie informatique

Dr. Adam Chapnick, Collège des Forces canadiennes

The Class of 1965 Teaching Excellence Award Committee recently announced the results of the Call for Nomination. The list of candidates for consideration during this year’s selection process is as follows:

Maj. Brigitte Allaire, Business Administration, Dr. Jessica Ward King, Military Psychology and Leadership

Dr. Christian Leuprecht, Politics and Economical Science, Lt(N) Stephane Paquette, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Dr. Ruben Perez, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Dr. Nicholas Vlachopoulos, Civil Engineering

 Dr. Yahia Antar, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Alain Beaulieu, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Joey Bray, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Aboelmagd Noureldin, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Adam Chapnick, Canadian Forces College


  • Hugh J.M. Spence

    May 1, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Apart from the same thing in the “headlines”, your T.E.A. text in English fails to include the name of the major award’s sponsor and funding agent, the (RMC) Class of 1965. This may seem picky, but such an ommission occurs too often in RMC publishings, unfortunately, and leads to the incorrect and unfair impression that the prestigious award is somehow institutional and/or (horrors) funded by the government.

    6439 Hugh J.M. Spence
    Class of 65

  • 6589 Tom Bailey

    May 3, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Agree with Hugh Spence’s comments, although I don’t think he is being “picky”. We (Class of 1965) are very proud to be the sponsor of this prestigious award so an acknowledgement would be in order.

  • 3342 Craig Moffatt

    May 5, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Glad to see that the Class of 1965’s sound judgement and generosity re the Teaching Excellence Award are being recognized, as per Hugh Spence’s prompting. As the first recipient of the Award in 1992 I was personally grateful of course, but more importantly appreciated the Class of 1965 for its high-profile acknowledgement of the vital role of the classroom experience in furthering the mission of the College and the aspirations of its students.