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Class of 2015 Marches through the Arch

By: 25337 Chris Manning Cadet Wing Public Information Officer (CWPIO)

– Photos by: Alex Zaporzan

The Memorial Arch was erected in 1923 to honour the cadets who gave their lives for Canada. It is tradition for the first year class to march through the Arch upon their arrival to signify their entrance into the Royal Military College of Canada. On a beautiful, sunny Saturday, 180 first year cadets passed through the Arch. The next time these cadets pass through the Arch, it will be as graduates of the RMC program, ready to begin their career as officers in the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force, or the Royal Canadian Navy.

The Director of Cadets, Lieutenant-Colonel Susan Wigg, told the incoming first year cadets:

“This 135 year Canadian institution is demanding and proud because the profession of arms is demanding and must be upheld in a manner that the Canadian citizens are proud of our abilities and our actions.”

The Cadet Wing Commander, Officer Cadet Landon Lavictoire, wished the first years welcome and said:

“The beginning of First Year Orientation Period (FYOP) is one of the most exciting times at the college. I was thrilled to see that the first years have grasped the basics well from their time in St. Jean. I believe this will allow them to perform to a higher standard, as is expected of an RMC cadet. I know, with our command team, that we are set up for an excellent year.”

Excitement is the norm around the college right now, and everyone is looking forward to a challenging, but fulfilling year at the college.

La classe de 2015 passe sous l`Arche

par: 25337 Chris Manning – Élof préposé à l’information publique

L’Arche commemorative du College Militaire Royal a été érigée en 1923 à la memoire des élèves officiers mort au combat. C’est une tradition du college pour les premieres années qui arrivent de defiler en groupe sous l’arche pour marquer leur debut au College Militaire Royal. C’etais une très belle journée quand les 180 noveaux élèves officiers ont passé sous l’arche. La prochaine fois que ces élèves officiers marchent sous l’arche marquera la fin de leurs etudes au CMR. De plus, a cet instant, ils seronts prêts à commencer leurs carrières en tant qu`officiers des Forces Canadiennes.

Le Directeur des Élofs, le Lieutenant-Colonel Susan Wigg, a dit aux élèves officiers debutants:

“Pour tous, cette institution qui existe depuis 135 an, est exigeante et fière à cause de la profession des armes qui est exigeante et qui demande de se conduire d’une façon à ce que les citoyens du Canada soient fières de nos capacities et nos actions.”

Le Commandant d’Escadre, l’Elof Landon Lavictoire, a souhaité la bienvenue aux nouveaux élofs en disant:

“Le debut de la POPA, c’est une des periodes les plus interessantes au college. J’étais ravi de voir la conaissance des rudiments de la vie militaire que les premières années ont appris à St. Jean. Je crois que les nouveaux élofs vont atteindre le standard difficile qui est exiger de chaque élève officier. Je sais bien que, avec une équipe de commande si forte, on est prêts à commencer une année de scolarité excellente.”

L’enthousiame est palpable, et c’est certain que les élofs ont tous hâte à la session prochaine qui sera exigeante, mais aussi valorisant.



Perspectives on a New Year

By: 25337 Chris Manning Cadet Wing Public Information Officer (CWPIO)

The arrival of the cadet wing is always an exciting time at the Royal Military College. The beginning of a new year presents the cadets with an opportunity to reunite and share their experiences from summer training in locations across Canada, and even around the world. e-Veritas caught up with several RMC cadets to discover their opinions on the commencement of another year at the college.

“Seeing the first years come in reminds me of when I marched through the Arch as a first year. The first year cadets’ energy is contagious, making it hard to believe that we have already reached 4th year and will soon be graduating.”

IV Kim Archibald, 25515, Varsity Girls Soccer Captain

“The return to RMC is a good chance to catch up with friends who were posted to different bases in the summer. Its interesting to hear about everybody’s experiences, which can be so different from our own. Also, seeing the new changes that come with new years is an interesting aspect of life at the college.”

III Craig Hiscock, 25173, Deputy Cadet Wing Security Officer

“Every new year is always exciting and full of great energy; this year is no different. After four days of the barmen workshop, it is time to welcome everyone back and get down to the business of leading the college through another year. I, for one, am looking forward to the challenges of the upcoming year.”

IV Martin de Souza, 25447, 3 Sqn Cadet Squadron Leader

I am confident about the First Year Operation Program, but I know it will be challenging. Its good to have everybody supporting us in the program. I also owe a lot to my parents, who have always been supportive of my career choice.”

I Lynden Rossin, Grizzly Flight FYOP Candidate

There are a multitude of reasons for which the cadets of the Royal Military College are excited to start the academic year. The beginning of a new year means we are all one step closer to becoming the officers that we have all enrolled to be. A few conversations with RMC candidates can offer us all a little bit of perspective.




Ex-Cadet “Mom” Remembers…


“Karl’s entry into the college was rather different than mine (29 years earlier):

Under cover of darkness, we were driven (used to be a road there) in through the Arch in a Canadian Forces school-style bus (a “pickle”), having just flown Vancouver-Trenton via 707. It certainly wasn’t a public event and there were no anxious/proud or teary parents. When the kit bags started flying off the back of the bus, the screaming by scarlet-clad fourth years commenced: “6 Sqn over HERE! MOVE, Recruit! Panic, Rook, PANIC!” Then, as we stood shivering on the parade square, most of us holding the wrong luggage, I heard this intermittent, ghostly moan. I was completely freaked out for a week until another cadet finally informed me that it was just cars crossing the causeway.

Seeing my son enter the college has brought out many memories. The neatest thing of all is that my class 25th reunion will coincide with Karl running the obstacle course and joining the Wing. Very cool indeed.”

15566 Helga Grodzinski – RMC Entry Year 1982



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