Class of 2016 Cadets March Under the Arch

Marking the beginning of FYOP 2012

Written by 25594 OCdt (IV) Marina Lowthian – Photos 25881 OCdt (IV) Anthony Matlock

Parents, friends, and family proudly gathered around the Arch this Saturday, August 25th to watch as the newest recruits of the Royal Military College of Canada marched into the college. It is tradition for cadets to march through the Arch as a way to signify their entrance into the college. Throughout their 4 years at RMC, no one passes underneath the Arch until their graduation in 4th year as they leave RMC and march out into the Forces. This year, the contingent was made up of RMC 1st year recruits, CMR 2nd year cadets from St. Jean entering RMC to finish off their final 3 years, and Otter sqn 1st years who are previous non-commissioned members that have enrolled in the Officer program.

The cadets were marched to the parade square and received a warm welcome from the Director of Cadets, 19706 LCol Patrick Lemyre. However pride quickly turned to apprehension as the RMC 1st years were handed off to their FYOP staff. The next 5 weeks will be intense and busy, but in the end it will all be rewarding.










Meanwhile, earlier in the week…

Barmen workshop 2012

Written by 25813 Fanie Simard

The 21st of August marked, for all the RMCC barmen, the beginning of the school year. The current command team, composed of CWC 25586 Brenden Clark, DCWC 25390 Isabelle Allain, CWAdO 25676 Joshua Bloess, CWTO 25663 Dmitri Sapeguin and CWOpsO 25533 Véronique Trépanier, put a lot of effort into building a credible and meaningful week. The Top 5 and the Training Wing had a lot on their plate, with a brand new Training Plan they had to finalize, clarify and present to the whole fall 2012 barslate.

The four days went by smoothly for the current leaders of the college. The briefing were planned in order to inform them of the changes occurring in the training. Different topics were covered over the week. Among them, the CWC’s expectations, an overview of the Training Plan as well as a more detailed lecture on how those changes will affect the different components of the RMCC life in the future. Of course, the Commandant, 14835 Brigadier General Éric Tremblay, and the Director of Cadets, 19706 Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Lemyre, took some of their time to address the upcoming barslate. They transmitted their intent to the upcoming wing leaders, while stating the importance barmen will have has role model for the college students.

The new team, after the barmen workshop, is now ready to do what is right. They have been thrown in a transition week and came out of it with a stronger bond. The new barslate has been warned of the importance of effective communication and relevant time use. This week was a good omen of the fall 2012 semester. With a dynamic and dedicated command team, new ideas and a fresh start, after the summer, the RMCC cadets are well underway of commencing an interesting and successful year.