Class of 2020: Welcome to the Family!

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Class of 2020: Welcome to the Family!

27832 OCdt (II) Pablo Cardona, 12 Sqn, e-Veritas Chief Correspondent

Did you know that our current Chief Defence Staff (CDS), Gen Vance, and the current Army Commander, LGen Wynnyk, were in the same first year flight at Royal Roads? Or, that the Commander of the Navy, VAdm Lloyd, was in the year ahead of them?

In completing half of Basic Military Officer Qualification (BMOQ), most of you are already somewhat familiar with what being an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces entails.


Up until now, each one of you has lived as an individual. You all have your own identities, your own passions and your own story. However, in the coming years you will become a small part of something far greater than one individual.

Over the past 150 years, Canada’s Military Colleges (CMCs) have proudly produced some of the finest leaders in both the professional of arms and in Canadian society. Thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen are the products of the CMCs, but so are thousands of business people, lawyers, researchers and academics.

No matter where life takes you, your time here will no doubt shape you into someone who exemplifies the virtues of TDV and can overcome any obstacle. Furthermore, you will learn the importance of physical fitness, bilingualism and critical thinking.

RMC’s world class professors and small class sizes will ensure that you receive a high quality education in whichever field you choose to study. If you apply yourself (that means doing all the homework!) you will undoubtedly expand your horizons and graduate with something more valuable than a degree; an education.

The emphasis on physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is unique to RMC. As an officer, you will need to lead from the front and you set the standard for how fit your troops are. Make sure that you exercise often because fitness is more than the PPT, it is a way of life.

Many OCdts arrive at RMC without ever having spoken a single word of French. They leave four years later as fully bilingual. Communication is one of the most important tool in a leader’s box, so make sure that you pay attention during Second Official Language Education and Training (SOLET).

Finally, what I think makes RMC truly special, are the friendships that you’ll build and being a member of a family that’s nearly 30 000 strong. This will begin during FYOP, where your staff will carefully take you apart and build you back up as a team capable of (literally) overcoming any obstacle.

Over the course of the next few years, you will continue to grow closer to your classmates, flight members and people in your squadron. You will suffer 6 am inspections and duty weekends together. And when you finally earn that commission you will be standing on the parade square with your newfound family.

One day, one of you might rise to become the Chief of the Defence Staff. Or the Commander of the Canadian Army. Or an Astronaut. Or Prime Minister. Regardless of where you end up (and I promise, you’ll end up in a great place!) remember that you couldn’t have gotten there alone.

Best of luck during FYOP, Class of 2020!

New RMC Cadets march through the arch

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