Class of ’58 Public Lecture Provided a Much Needed Holistic View

RMC-C and the Class of 1958 hosted Ms Serena Joseph-Harris who delivered the annual Class of 1958 Public Lecture entitled: Challenges That International Drug Trafficking and Criminal Activity Pose for Western Hemisphere Security.

The Lecture was held in Currie Hall last Tuesday and was well attended by both faculty and cadets. Also in attendance was 4183 Ron Neville representing the Class of 1958. He gave a brief  background talk on the significance of these types of Lectures which otherwise would not be available to RMC-C.

Two well spoken cadets who are shown in the Slide Show had this to say:

Ms. Serena Joseph-Harris provided a much needed holistic view of the issues facing Western Hemispheric security. Her expert knowledge of the links amongst the drug trade, political extremism, money laundering and challenges to governance was insightful. I was particularly surprised by the estimated size, strength and reach of drug cartels that, in Latin American and the Caribbean, are able to field weapons beyond the capacity of the local military!

24742 OCdt(IV)Matthew Hou

Ms. Joseph Harris was knowledgeable and well spoken, addressing all pertinent issues of the drug trade. Her research was quite intensive and it was evident that the concerns mentioned are not restricted to a regional level of interest, but impact the global economy and the global political sphere as well. To a Cadet, the presentation was important and interesting as despite the fact that it was not the main point of her lecture, Ms. Joseph Harris relayed the relevancy of Canadian interests in dispelling the drug trade as well as the possible role Canada will have to play in this endeavor. Considering the scope of the issue, young officers in the CF will be forced to deal with some of the ramifications of the international drug trade while on deployments world wide.

From a personal point of view, I was astounded by the figures presented and had not been previously aware of the impressive span of the illegal drug trade. More importantly though, I found the subject to have been well researched and efforts to combat the growing issue well organized and executed. Having said this however, it became quite evident that more efforts and international cooperation will be necessary to eradicate the problem entirely.

On behalf of the Royal Military College, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Joseph Harris for her presentation tonight. The presentation was insightful and holds great significance in the scheme of current critical issues. The opportunity to discuss matters which will play a role in the course of many of our careers is greatly appreciated. As a memento of thanks, I’d like to present Ms. Joseph Harris with a copy of Truth, Duty, Valour.

24981 OCdt(III) Joycelyn Moffat