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Colin Bond: Tis the Exam Season / Stephen Kalyta: RAK- Random acts of kindness

That time of year again…

Tis the Exam Season

Article by – 28057 OCdt (II) C.M.Bond; photos by 27184 OCdt Louis A. Saulnier |

As the final weeks of the fall semester lead into the Exam season, the students of RMC prepare for their final push in the semester before the Christmas Break. It is both an exciting and terrifying time for the students as the accumulation of all the knowledge that they learned this semester is put to the test in an exam environment. There are a few factors that play into the success of the RMC students.

Since one of the major pillars at RMC is academics, it is not a surprise when study areas such as Chez Brucie, the Library, and the Cadet mess open their doors for the cadets of RMC to study. Alongside these areas, students also prepare for the exam season with study groups and plenty of review work. When study groups and study locations meet, the semester’s lessons can be learned a lot quicker for a greater amount of people.

There are not only services for studying, but there are also services that allow for stress relief. The Peer Assistance Group (PAG) knows that exam season can be stressful for cadets, so they offer services, such as PAG dogs to help relive the stresses of exams. Alongside PAG dogs, The RMC PSP fitness staff offer workouts for the cadets to get their blood flowing. Both services offer beneficial stress relievers and help with the stress of the exam season.

Even with all the studying going on, there is still the stress that is associated with exams. For some students, exams can be worth up to 50% and up of their term’s mark, and with others, it is sometimes 30% of the term’s mark. Either way, it does create some stress and anxiety for cadets. Numerous exams can also be had, with cadets in the engineering and science program having up to six exams during the season. As for completing the exams, everyone entering the exam hall is usually nervous, but there is a sense relief that comes with the completion of an exam. Once all exams are complete, whether just a few or many exams, a sense of accomplishment and happiness flows over the cadets knowing that they are done for the semester.

With the completion of the exams comes a nice return home for all cadets, to join back with their hometown friends and family. For some cadets, especially the ones from the west coast, they finally get to return home after four long months of hard work. A nice break for everyone at RMC is had with everyone returning home after the long semester to family and friends.

While the exam season can be chaotic for some people, especially the engineers, the final goal of completing the semester alongside thoughts of returning home help drive cadets to do well on all their exams. With help from the college and the groups that support the cadets, the exam season can run successfully and hopefully have plenty of passing cadets.


RAK- Random acts of kindness

Another in a series by Stephen

Stephen Kalyta

RAK- Random acts of kindness. As a fan of helping others without an agenda, and perhaps as a throwback to the original reason I joined, I believe we as officers are engineered to serve.

Service to others, be it in a macro sense as a guardian of our sovereignty, where you are part of a force contingent, kindness is not a noun we typically associate with our duty.

Whether individually or nationally, we make a difference by exercising principles like kindness we create sufficient space where we reflect, rather than just react to the external environment. Our impact on others, as a measure of success, is a matter of perspective.

Bringing the conversation back to random kindness, in the context of RMC, is and should be exercised in your daily interaction with your fellow cadets. Caring for the interest and welfare of others should be more than a priority, its a pillar of your leadership, “know your people and promote their welfare.”

It is easy to be unkind and react, especially after decompressing from exams. However consider this Holiday season of taking an extra moment to ensure your classmates are not alone over the Holidays. Practice the random act of kindness by inviting them to your table at home if their home is too far away. In that way it may not be random, but it sure is kind.

There is always a place at my table if anyone needs it.

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