College Gets Olympic Visit & Varisty Sports Update…


Diana Matheson Drops By to Speak to Community, Varsity Soccer Teams

Article by Mr. Mike Akai, Assistant Soccer Coach

Photos by 25366 Mike Shewfelt

The Varsity Soccer teams were honored to host Diana Matheson, the Canadian National Soccer Team hero of the London Olympics. Diana scored the game-winning goal against France that secured an historic bronze medal for Canada.

The event, held in the new College Dome, was attended by some 150 avid and adoring soccer fans, most of whom had closely followed Canada’s progress in the Olympic tournament including the heartbreaking controversial loss to the USA in the semi-finals. The invitees included military and RMC personnel as well as children attending the RMC Men’s soccer camp and RMC Kingston Kicks kids’ winter soccer development program.

Ms Matheson recounted her slow and methodic rise to prominence through the soccer ranks. She talked of not making the cut several times at different levels in her career and her willingness to work harder than everyone else to reach her goals. Her message of persistence and dedication will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for the children attending the event. Many of them, at age 12 or 13 were already of similar height or taller than Matheson. Those who watched her play in the Olympics on the television expected her to be much physically larger. The intensity, work ethic and determination that characterized her game projected a much bigger player than her actual physical stature.

Diana Matheson answered every question, signed every child’s autograph and then did the same for the adults until everyone was accommodated. Then she went on to allow each of them to take a photo with her and her Bronze medal. She had a smile and friendly comment for each child as they received their autograph and were allowed to actually touch and hold the medal.

There must have been so many memorable moments at the Olympics with so many activities swirling around but she recalled that her favorite moment by far was hearing the Canadian National anthem play as she received the Bronze medal for her country. What a wonderful ambassador for the game and her country Diana Matheson is. Her patience and wonderful interaction with the kids was genuine and sincere. With so many of the girls in the audience aspiring to be like her, maybe Kingston can produce a National team player in the future. They have just been provided with the best possible role model in Diana Matheson.


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Recent results:


Sept 14th – RMC 1 – McGill 5 (Exhibition)

Sept 15th – RMC 0 – Queen’s 9 (Exhibition)


Sept 15th – McMaster 39 – RMC 19

Soccer (M)

Sept 16th – RMC 1 – Trent 3

Soccer (W)

Sept 14th – Ottawa 1 – RMC 0

Sept 16th – RMC 2 – Trent 0


Upcoming Games:


Sept 22nd – RMC vs U of Toronto @ U of T, 8:00pm

Soccer (M)

Sept 19th – Carleton vs RMC, @ RMC, 6:00pm

Sept 22nd – Laurentian vs RMC @ RMC, 2:15pm

Sept 23rd – Nipissing vs RMC @ RMC, 2:15pm

Soccer (W)

Sept 19th – Carleton vs RMC, @ RMC, 8:15pm

Sept 22nd – Laurentian vs RMC @ RMC, 12:00pm

Sept 23rd – Nipissing vs RMC @ RMC, 12:00pm


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