Commandant’s Corner

Commodore William S. Truelove O.M.M., C.D.

With the very successful Ex Cadet weekend and Thanksgiving behind us already, let me again express my thanks to all those who have worked so hard to get the College off to a great start for the 2010/11 year. Let me also thank Bill and Rolande Oliver for the kind invitation to provide a few words for E-Veritas through the “Commandant’s Corner”. A new initiative; we hope that this periodic addition to E-Veritas will further assist in keeping the Alumni connected and aware of what’s happening at their College.

As I stated during the Parade during Ex Cadet Weekend (yes, I’m well aware that 4 speeches was too many!!!  ),”your College is doing fine”. As I type, Asphalt is being laid on the roads, Sawyer/Girouard renovations are continuing at pace, Champlain renovation is underway and a number of other projects continue around the College – all with a goal of ensuring the long term health of RMCC. This, of course, represents a great deal of work and fiscal support from a number of agencies and for that, we are all thankful.

The Cadet wing – about 1025, is settled in and busy with mid-terms. Under the leadership of CWC, Ocdt Whalen, the cadets continue to impress me every day. With tremendous commitment, a thirst to take on greater and greater leadership responsibilities and an incredible desire to succeed, the Cadets are firmly back in charge of their Wing under the coaching and mentorship of the Mil Wing Staff. I am very proud of their efforts.

The sports teams, band, clubs and many other components of the College program are as busy as always. I enjoy reading E-Veritas to get an update on where the Cadets have been! Let me highlight one very special event that occurred earlier this month.

Photo: Three of the 31 Cadets that had the great opportunity to visit Mexico and join the Anniversary celebrations. These cadets represented Canada with excellence and joined 16 other Colleges/Academies in marching in the Parade in front of over 500,000 spectators. Yet one example of how RMCC continues to achieve strategic effect for the CF and Canada.

The Graduate and research programs are also continuing with a number of key new initiatives including enhanced focus in the areas of CBRN, Space and Medical; all in support of the needs/priorities of the Canadian Forces. RMCC continues to lead the way in so many areas thanks to the incredible efforts of the Academic team. I have certainly enjoyed my ongoing visits to the departments and the opportunity to see, first hand, the hard work being done by so many.

Over the past year, in close consultation with CDA headquarters and the College BOG, the College leadership has placed greater focus on long term integrated business planning, HR management, and program productivity assessments to ensure that we continue to situate the College for continued success in the future. This important work has permitted the College leadership to ensure that we are delivering the best product within the fiscal envelope provided. As always, difficult decisions are sometimes required as various leaders `live within their means`, but I remain very confident that this work is better informing us of where our dollars are going and ensuring a `whole of College` approach to prioritization and spending.

In parallel, I am deeply appreciative of the great support provided to the College by the RMC Club and Foundation and you, the Alumni. Over the past year, significant progress has been made in refining the business planning processes between the College and these organizations ultimately resulting in all of us being better enabled to provide `Margin of Excellence` support to the Cadets. I`m particularly appreciative of the leadership and close cooperation provided by RMC Club President, Gord Clarke and Foundation President, Cameron Diggon throughout this process.

In closing, let me again express how proud Brenda and I are to be part of the RMC family and how honoured and humbled I am to be Commandant and Vice Chancellor. Now in our second year (I think the Withers report recommends 5-year stays!!  ), Brenda and I see the time passing way too quickly. We never cease to be amazed at the incredible accomplishments of the Cadets and college team, and are deeply appreciative of all the assistance we receive from so many. Thank you to all of you for your support, advice and clear commitment to the Royal Military College.

We hope that you and yours enjoyed a very Happy Thanksgiving!!


Bill and `College Mom` Brenda

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Algerian Defence Attaché Pays a Short Visit to the College

A delegation from the Algerian Defence Attaché visited Canada from 5-8 October 2010. They visited CDA where they received briefings on the Canadian Forces Education system and they received a tour of the academic facilities at RMC. Cmdre Truelove and Dr. Sokolsky met them for lunch on 6 October and the delegation took part in an Academic Round Table discussion with the Principal and Deans on Oct 7th.

Caption: Cmdre Truelove presenting a college coin and a copy of Truth, Duty, Valour to the delegation which included:  BGen Amara – Commandant of “Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d’Alger”, Col Yousnadj – Director Post Graduate Research and Training, Col Abdallah – Director, Graduate Training, LCol Kheloui- Head, Office of Foreign Relations, and Col Kalla – Defence Attaché.