Commandant – Still Doing Rounds & Hosting Visitors

The Commandant and Principal enjoyed a great visit with Dr. Steve Lukits and the faculty of the English Department last week. Once again, this visit provided an excellent opportunity to meet with those who educate RMC cadets in the classroom.

Commodore Truelove was heard later in the day when talking about the morning visit. “We are very fortunate to have Dr Lukits and his great team at RMC.”

The first year Commandant went on to add. “The visit was very successful and illustrated the tremendous level of commitment and professionalism that is present across the College.”

Acting Chief of Land Staff, MGen AJ Howard, made a visit to the Department of Applied Military Science last week. The aim of the visit was to give the ACLS an appreciation of the army’s tech staff training. The Army of Tomorrow will need highly skilled and qualified officers and NCM’S to execute the new equipment purchases in the Canada first defence strategy, and AMS will provide these people.

MGen Howard received a series of briefs from the Staff and students. This presented an excellent opportunity to showcase the great work being done at AMS and to confirm that the program continues to meet the needs of the customer.

ACLS indicated that he is very pleased with the AMS course design and the very high quality of graduate that it is producing.

In the photo (L-R) CWO Marc-André Ross, AMS Master Gunner, Departmental Sergeant Major, Directing Staff;Col Bill Lewis, Head of the Department of Applied Military Science and Director of the Land Force Technical Staff Programme; MGen Al Howard, Assistant Chief of the Land Staff; Cmdre Bill Truelove, RMCC commandant; CWO J.M. Chiasson, College Chief Warrant Officer.




8684 BGen (Ret`d) Peter Holt (CMR RMC 1971) was a special visitor last Friday.  The former Director of Administration and a long time friend and supporter of RMC, Gen Holt spent the day visiting various areas of the College and was the Guest of Honour for the PG Mess Dinner that evening.