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Mike, thank you for your comments. I concur. My time at Royal Roads was shorter than necessary to graduate, by choice, none the less there are no regrets for having that life altering experience. It is a time of which I am very proud not to mentionmore

December 6th 1989. 16h30. Snowy night. I was in a cab from the bus station to my new apartment on boulevard Edouard-Montpetit, in front of La Poly…more

The CF, RMCC and supporters can deny, downplay or ignore this report at their own peril. This cat is out of the bag and it would be challenging to put it backmore

Couldn’t agree more Eliza! The values instilled in me as a young Officer-Cadet are still with me 35 years later…more

Stephen is correct. Of course it costs more to train a cadet at RMC or CMR. But let us not conflate cost with value. There are many variables that do not fit well into an auditor’s ledgermore

I tend to agree with the De Chastelain and Henry perspectives…more

At the risk of offending the really ancient traditionalists, isn’t it time to admit that the RMC pillbox is the most completely dysfunctional and absurd looking head covering evermore

Wow, that is a wonderful gift…more

I am deeply touched by the sentiments and stories gathered together in this article. I am also very proud to have worn the uniform of themore

Thank you for the info Tim. Very helpful and appreciated…more