Commissioning Parade & March thru Arch

247 new CAF officers begin military careers with RMCC graduation


The 2013 graduation parade saw the commissioning of 93 Air Force, 110 Army, and 44 Naval Officers, for a total of 247 commissioned officers on Parade.

The impressive ceremony took place under sunny skies with a light breeze that picked-up as the parade lasted a little longer than scheduled – which most in attendance did not seem to mind.

Vice-Admiral Bruce Donaldson, vice-chief of the defence staff, pinch hitting for 12192 General Tom Lawson, Class of ‘79 who was out of the country involved with other military related duties gave a straight forward address to the newly minted officers.

Officer-Cadets  Began on the Parade Square and Ended through the Arch – as Officers

Article by: 26659 (I) Danielle Andela – Photos by: Brad Lowe; 25961 (IV) Ethan Strong; & 26549 (III) Kai Zhao

May 17th was the final cultivation of the Graduates time at Royal Military College of Canada. Assembled together and backed by the rest of the Cadet Wing, the Graduating Class of 2013 stood tall and proud in their final time in the traditional scarlet RMC dress.

The distinguished soon-to-be 2nd Lieutenants were met at the parade square by Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, Vice-Admiral A.B. Donaldson, CMM, CD. This parade gave friends and families of graduates the chance to recognize the Class of 2013 for their great achievements and celebrate the continuation from one stage of life as an Officer Cadet to another as a 2nd Lieutenant. This parade gave the years Bar Positions to demonstrate the skills and leadership positions on parade and lead the Cadet Wing in their final parade as officer-cadets of the Royal Military College.

A feu de joie or “fire of joy” was fired in recognition of the hard work and success of the Class of 2013. The newly minted officers performed the long anticipated March through the Arch. They ripped off their pillboxes and their friends saluted them as is tradition (first non-commissioned military member to salute a new officer gets their silver dollar), tears filled their eyes as they embraced friends who will soon be training elsewhere.

These fine men and women, these “Officers, Well Educated” will surly continue on from this day to find continued success in the Canadian Armed Forces as Commissioned Officers.


Marching through the arch

 Complete list of those who received their commission on parade…