Congratulations Class of 2013

Not Just The Best, But The Best They can Possibly Be!

The RMC Foundation has been working with a generous donor to provide more public recognition to the RMC 2013 Graduating Class on becoming Commissioned Officers.

To publicly recognize the hard work of the 2013 Graduating Class this donor has generously provided funding to the RMC Foundation for a congratulatory message that appeared this past Saturday 29 June 2013 in the following Newspapers across Canada:

National Post; Vancouver Sun; Calgary Herald; Edmonton Journal; Saskatoon Star Phoenix; Regina Leader Post; Windsor Star; Ottawa Citizen and Montreal Gazette.

A similar message will be published in a Quebec daily newspaper at a date yet to be determined.

It is because of Donors such as this that the RMC Foundation can continue serving the Colleges and providing the funds needed to Enhance Excellence.

Truth, Duty, Valour

One Comment

  • 13766 Konrad Mech

    July 3, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    I have to heartily commend the donor who inserted these ads. I was flying back from Toronto and saw the spread in the centre of the National Post – it was outstanding. I read every single name, and recognized children of classmates among the grads. I am sure it opened a lot of eyes to the excellence of the College and its new alumni. Particularly impressive is the representation of female grads in all degree programs. Readers cannot help but be impressed by the breadth of degrees on offer, as well as noting the degrees granted with one sole graduate in that program. Rather than looking on this as a negative, I hope readers interpret this as RMC making it possible for undergraduates to pursue degrees of particular interest. I hope this serves to raise awareness among parents and students alike to the possibilities afforded by attending RMC.