Constantine Rink – 50 Years Old – Share Your Memories

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NEW STRUCTURE- Picture shows a section of the new RMC rink’ to be named in honor of the late Maj.-Gen. Constantine. A former commandant of the college. Official opening ceremonies will be held tomorrow night.

BEARS HIS NAME_ The memorial plaque underneath the portrait of the late Maj.-Gen. C.F. Constantine is polished by Bernie Trueman, manager of the new rink at RMC. The plaque and picture have been erected inside the main entrance on the left hand side.


















Constantine Rink – 50 Years Old – 23 Jan

UoT  vs RMC 12 Feb – 7:30

Plans are currently underway to commerate the official opening of the Constantine Rink, 12 Feb 2010.   The particular date was chosen due to the availability of  the Constantine family.

College dignitaries led by the Commandant, Commoddore William Truelove and a number of Maj.-Gen. C.F. Constantine decendants are expected to attend a pre-game ceremony to honour this very special event in the history of RMCC.  In addition, efforts are being made to have some members of the RMC team who played in that first game attend and take part in the 50 year celebration.

University of Toronto Blues will provide the opposition to the RMC Paladins in what promises to be an exciting weekend of hockey.  The friday night game is the second last game of the regular schedule – both teams will meet again the following evening.  Undoubtedly, both games will have have huge play-off implications.

Excerpts from an article published in “THE MARKER’ – The Unofficial Newspaper of the Gentlemen Cadets of the Royal Military college of Canada dated, 6 Feb 1960 by I Year – 5817 David Johnston:

“In a pre-game ceremony to officially open the building, RMC commandant, Commodore DW Piers, and the widow, Mrs C.F. Constantine both spoke briefly on the career of the man who the new rink was being named.

Mrs Constantine dropped the puck between the sticks of RMC and Loyola College centres for the ceremonial face-off inaugurating the new rink.

In the game that followed, RMC was not up to Loyola’s standard in careful passing, speed, or tight defence, and lost by the score of 11 – 2. Charlie Vrana scored one goal on a penalty shot and assisted Gagnon on the other. The team did show off well in the second period though, and with further development of the fine recruits on the team, should do better in the future.

The hockey game was preceded by a buffet supper, and followed by an informal dance to the music of the RCS of S orchestra. At the rink, music was provided by the Royal Canadian Signals Band.”

Members of the RMC team that year were:

Jean DeGrasse, Don Woodside, Mel Brown , Joe Langlois, Edwin Couves, Yvon Paquette, Len Rouillier, JR Lawless (Manager), JG Blanchette, Roger Noury, Jacques Charest, Kent Foster, Chuck Vrana, SM Clarke, David Edgecombe (Manager), Camille Blaise, Louis Gagnon, Wallace Steiner, Keith Lyne (Manager) Jim Watson, Georges Bernier, JC Scoffield.

Available photos from the official opening 23 Jan 1960.



The commandant of the day, Commodore DW Piers had the “official puck” plated and engraved:

Presesnted to:

Mrs C.F. Constantine

to mark the occasion of the first hockey game to be played at

The Constantine Rink

Royal Military College

R.M.C. vs Loyola

23 January 1960


We invite readers who have a memory or two regarding their experience(s) to share them with us by leaving a “reply” following this article.


  • Robert Thomas

    January 4, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    I remember the excitement of the opening – I was a third year cadet at the time.

    Now, where did the plaque and portrait of General Constantine in the lobby go? I have been asking for several years and some of his descendants have expressed disappointmenmt over its disappearance.

  • David M Hall

    January 4, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    I remember one time in the mid ’70’s when we were in the QUAA, playing Bishops at Constantine. Huge snowfall. Bishops couldn’t leave right away and ended up in our Cataraquai Mess. The boys liked our cheap bear and whiskey! Ironically about 15 years later, I ended up playing in a Toronto league with a bunch of these same guys from that Bishop’s team. They don’t remember much about the game either, but all of them recall that it was one of the best road trips Bishops ever had!

    Constantine had great ice. Hard. Great for skaters. I think I may have spent more time in that building that in the classroom….which may have accounted for my “five year” programme at RMC.

    I fondly remember the support from Major Alfie Bake and Padre Howie for me personally and also for the hockey team. Two of the finest men I’ve ever met in my life. General Turner, Cmdr Fortier and their wives also attended most of our home games at Constantine. I also recall it was the “duty” of one of the hockey team rookies to take Maj. Bake’s daughter to the Christmas Ball. I remember being “selected” by my then CSL Keith “radar” Wilson, who was also RMC’s goalie.

    I played in the World’s in Quebec with Chris Ouimet, Dickie Mohns and Marc Ouellet in 2008; guys who I’d played a lot of hockey with at Constantine 30 years earlier. Great and lasting friendships started through my hockey there.

    10950 DM Hall (’72 to ’77. OUAA 2nd All Star team in ’76, Tommy Smart in ’77)