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Maj Jean-Yves Fortin, Roman Catholic Padre at RMC

fortin.JPGIt is with deep sadness that I must announce that Maj Jean-Yves Fortin, Roman Catholic Padre at the College, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday 3 May. Deepest sympathies go out to Padre Fortin’s family and all who were close to him. Details of the funeral and memorial service are being arranged with the family right now, so details to follow.

C’est avec grand tristesse que je dois annoncer que le Maj Jean-Yves Fortin, Padre catholique au Collège, est mort soudainement le samedi 3 mai. Sincères condoléances sont addressées à la famille du Padre Fortin, ainsi qu’à tous ceux qui étaient proches de lui. Le Collège travaille de concert avec la famille en ce moment pour les arrangements des funérailles et du service commémoratif alors détails seront à suivre.

Photo credit: OCdt Myriam Busset

Paule Poulin
Public Affairs Officer/Officier d’affaires publiques
Royal Military College/Collège militaire royal
613-541-5010 Ext 6484

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One Comment

  • Padre Eric T. Reynolds, CD

    May 6, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Padre Fortin’s two families: his immediate family and his “family” at RMC.

    I received the phone call from the ER of Kingston General Hospital on Sunday at 0120 hrs informing me that Jean-Yves had died. I went to the hospital, offered the prayers of the Church for the dead and imparted a final blessing upon him. While I was still in a state of shock, I was grateful for the opportunity to be the first to pray for the repose of the soul of a friend and a collaborator in ministry at RMC for nearly eighteen months.

    I will always remember Jean-Yves for his sense of homour and uproarious laughter. I once visited him in hospital after his angioplasty and the head nurse on the floor asked me if I could ask Father Fortin to “tone down” his laughter. That was Jean-Yves!!!

    May he rest in peace!

    Maj (ret’d) E.T. Reynolds, CD
    Former RMC Senior Chaplain