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This Thursday afternoon’s Convocation ceremony saw post-graduates and undergraduates of RMC receive their degrees under the supervision of college Chancellor the Honourable Peter MacKay, the Minister of National Defence. The minister, the Commandant Commodore William Truelove, and the keynote speaker Mr. Shaun Francis, Bsc, MBA, all offered congratulatory speeches.

Minister of National Defence’s Address

Minister MacKay delivered the following speech to introduce the honorary degree recipient and keynote speaker Mr. Shaun Francis.

The Honourable Peter MacKay

Minister of National Defence

RMC Convocation Ceremony

Kingston, ON
May 19th, 2011

Thank you.

Today is a wonderful day.

It’s a profound honour, a privilege, and a most treasured responsibility as Minister of National Defence and Chancellor of this great school, to be joining you today for this very special occasion.

It’s a pleasure for me to look out on a sea of faces and see the future leaders of our great country and the Canadian Forces.

I often refer to the men and women of the Canadian Forces as our greatest citizens.

You are the sons and daughters of Canada and you have dedicated yourselves to the protection of identity and the defense of our land.

Nothing can be a of greater significance than providing security to ones neighbours and carrying on the traditions of those brave men and women who served this great nation before you.

Today, as a humble Minister, and on behalf on a grateful government and thankful country, I salute you for your commitment to Queen and country and to the uniform you wear.

It is also my pleasure to salute this year’s two honorary degree recipients, Mr. Shaun Francis and the Honourable James Bartleman.

Mr. Bartleman, you’ve had an impressive and prolific career. Your dedication to Canada and your service to Canadians – as a diplomat in posts around the world, as our country’s representative at NATO, and as Ontario’s Lieutenant-Governor – are admirable and deserving of the recognition you are bestowed today.

We are happy to extend our appreciation to you here today for your lifetime of service…

And to Mr. Francis: Shaun, you have had an incredibly distinguished career.

Your achievements in the military – as the first Canadian to graduate from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis since the Second World War, as well as your ongoing success in the business world – as CEO of Medcan – make you a home-grown inspiration to many of us.

Your involvement in support of the Canadian Forces is truly appreciated, and we could not be more pleased to have you join us for today’s events.

Gentlemen, you’ve both demonstrated a profound love of country and a commitment to excellence in all that you have accomplished.

As the men and women graduating here today take the first steps of their careers and service, they look to your own examples for guidance.

Once again:  thank you for all that you’ve done – and are doing – for Canada.

To the faculty and staff who have worked so hard over the last year: Your commitment and passion have been a source of motivation for all the men and women receiving their degrees today.

Your responsibility is no small one, as you know.

Sharing knowledge, promoting a desire for learning, and instilling the core values of truth, duty and valour are demanding tasks – tasks that require enthusiasm, selflessness, discipline – and a whole lot of patience!

You have helped train and educate a new generation of Canadian leaders.

You deserve our country’s recognition and gratitude.

Thank you for all that you have done.

To today’s graduates: congratulations.

You’ve been through a lot these past four years.

This past year in particular has offered a whole host of examples where students distinguished themselves.

You’ve set yourselves apart at national academic summits, proven your worth as members of our Canadian Forces…

…And after seventeen years of back and forth with Sandhurst at the Military Skills Competition, you finally decided to give West Point a break.

Just don’t let it happen again, okay?

All in all, the last several years have been given you all reasons to be proud.

There may have been some tougher moments, whether physically, mentally or emotionally…

…but your day has come.

Enjoy every second of it. It’s well deserved.

And look to the future with confidence and eagerness.

Vos années à RMC vous ont aidés à renforcer et approfondir vos connaissances, de même que des principes et des aptitudes qui vous serviront pour le reste de votre vie…

…que ce soit le leadership, le travail d’équipe, ou la discipline…

Vous serez appelés à façonner l’avenir de la société canadienne.

C’est vous qui permettrez aux Forces canadiennes de demeurer une des meilleur forces militaire au monde.

Those of you joining our officer corps are doing so at a critical time.

In the next few years, you will be entrusted with important responsibilities…

…leading men and women on operations…

…training your colleagues…

…thinking of how to face a constantly evolving security environment.

Afghanistan obviously remains a top priority as a new chapter in the mission is about to be launched and we build on the many successes that our Forces and government officials have had in that country.

The Canadian Forces may be called upon at a moment’s notice to help prevent humanitarian catastrophes and deter violent-prone regimes like they’re doing around the world and over Libya as we speak.

And at home, our military will continue to be in demand to help secure major events or assist in case of natural disasters, as we’ve seen in Quebec and Manitoba these past weeks.

Et le gouvernement met en œuvre un plan ambitieux de modernisation des Forces canadiennes – la Stratégie de défense Le Canada d’abord.

La stratégie établit des objectifs à long terme pour les forces et comme jeunes officiers, vous jouerez un rôle important dans la poursuite de ces objectifs.

As you, the graduates, make your way through the ranks of our military, we can be confident that the Canadian Forces will remain in very good hands.

I know that you will serve your country with pride, here in Canada and across the world.

You will build on your experiences here at RMC.

You will be creative, innovative and audacious.

And you will make a difference.

Canadians expect no less.

Congratulations and good luck!

And now, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce today’s convocation speaker, Mr. Shaun Francis.

When considering Shaun’s career, one can’t help but be impressed by the significant achievements in the business and corporate world.

But one thing I particularly admire from Shaun is his dedication to supporting our Canadian Forces.

He is a strong advocate of the Royal Military College.

And as a co-founder of the True Patriot Love Foundation, he directly contributes to raising funds that help provide support for men and women in uniform and their families.

Shaun, on behalf of all Canadians, thank you for your outstanding support to our military.

Ladies and gentlemen, graduates: your convocation speaker.


Honorary Degree Recipients

Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa

Shaun Francis, BSc, MBA (Keynote Speaker)

James Karl Bartleman, BA

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Postgraduate Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy / Doctorat en philosophie

Nuclear Engineering / Génie nucléaire

Piro, Markus Hans Alexander
Mississauga, ON
Thesis Supervisors / Directeurs de mémoire – Dr. W.T. Thompson / Dr. B.J. Lewis
Computation of Thermodynamic Equilibria Pertinent to Nuclear Materials in Multi-Physics Codes / Calculs par des codes de multi-physique d’équilibres thermodynamiques pertinents aux matériaux nucléaires

Shaheen, Khaled
Halifax, NS
Thesis Supervisor / Directeur de mémoire – Dr. B.J. Lewis
A Mechanistic Code for Intact and Defective Nuclear Fuel Element Performance / Un code mécanistique pour la performance d’éléments intacts et défectueux de combustible nucléaire

Mechanical Engineering / Génie mécanique

Lanteigne, Eric
Montréal, QC
Thesis Supervisor / Directeur de mémoire – Dr. A. Jnifene
Inverse Kinematic and Path Planning Methods for Hyper-Redundant Manipulators / Résolution de la cinématique inverse et de la planification de la trajectoire de manipulateurs hyper-redondants


Master of Arts / Maîtrise ès arts

War Studies / Études sur la conduite de la guerre

Marks, Robert Bradley
Richmond Hill/Kingston, ON
Thesis Supervisor / Directeur de mémoire – Dr. K. Neilson
Crossing the Fire-Swept Zone: The British Cavalry’s Transformation into a “Swiss Army Knife” on the Western Front of World War I / Au coeur de la zone balayée par les tirs : La polyvalence aux allures de « couteau suisse » de la cavalerie britannique sur le front occidentaldurant la Première Guerre mondiale

Balasevicius, Anthony Peter
Petawawa, ON

Burns, Avery Danielle
Ottawa, ON

Dolan, Rory Kevin
Saint John, NB

Finn, Patrick T.
Greenfield Park, QC

Foster, John Jeffrey
Ottawa, ON

Fowler, Fraser Gordon
Ottawa, ON

Hampton, John Geoffrey
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Huppé, Donovan Joseph Alexandre
Irlande, QC

Jennings, Melissa R.
Kingston, ON

Saizew, Erik William
Osgoode, ON

Teillet, Danielle
Ottawa, ON

Wentzell, Tyler D.
Lower Sackville, NS

Security and Defence Management and Policy / Gestion et politique de la sécurité et de la défense

Harding, Carla Marie
Ottawa, ON

Jennings, Lara Claire
Grimsby, ON

Locke, Andrea Rose
Ottawa, ON

Redford, Brian Alexander
Cold Lake, AB

Willis, Mark Anthony
Cornwall, ON


Master of Science / Maîtrise ès sciences

Physics / Physique

Desjardins, Daniel
New Carlisle, QC
Thesis Supervisors / Directeurs de mémoire – Dr. T. Krause / Dr. N. Gauthier
Analytical Modeling for Transient Probe Response in Eddy Current Testing/ Modélisation analytique deréponse transitoire en contrôlepar courant de Foucault

Computer Science / Sciences informatiques

Le Bouthillier, Jean
Sainte-Foy, QC
Thesis Supervisor / Directeur de mémoire – Dr. Y. Liang / Dr. P. Allard
The Design, Implementation and Analysis of a Low Cost Flight Simulator using RMC’s 3DOF Motion Platform / Le désign, l’implémentation et l’analyse d’un simulateur de vol à faible coût utilisant la platforme de mouvement à trois degrés de liberté du CMR

Environmental Science / Sciences de l’environnement

Ficko, Sarah Anne
Ottawa, ON
Thesis Supervisors / Directeurs de mémoire – Dr. B.A. Zeeb / Dr. A. Rutter (Queen’s)
New Species for Phytoextraction of Weathered Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB)-Contaminated Soils / Nouvelles espèces pour la phytoextraction des sols lessivés contaminés aux biphényls polychlorés (BPC)


Master of Engineering / Maîtrise en génie

Aeronautical Engineering / Génie aéronautique

Short, Roderick Lindsey
Vernon, BC


Master of Applied Science / Maîtrise ès sciences appliquées

Civil Engineering / Génie civil

Peters, Stephen Beau Joseph
Thesis Supervisors / Directeurs de mémoire – Dr. G.A. Siemens / Dr. A.W. Take (Queen’s)
Use of Transparent Soil to Model the Unsaturated Flow Characteristics of One-Dimensional Infiltration with Air Entrapment / Utilisation de sol transparent pour modéliser les caractéristiques écoulement non saturé d’infiltration une dimension avec l’emprisonnement d’air

Computer Engineering / Génie informatique

Ouellet, Dany
Sept-Îles, QC
Thesis Supervisors / Directeurs de mémoire – Dr. A.J.G. Beaulieu / Dr. S.N. Givigi
Control of Swarms of Autonomous Robots using Model-Driven Development: A State-Based Approach / Le contrôle d’essaims de robots à l’aide du développement dirigé par les modèles : Une approche basée sur les états

Roberge, Vincent Rémi
Joliette, QC
Thesis Supervisors / Directeurs de mémoire – Dr. G. Labonté / Dr. M. Tarbouchi
Contributions to the Conception of an Operational System for Real Time Path Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/ Contributions à la conception d’un système opérationnel de planification de trajectoires en temps réel pour les drones

Electrical Engineering / Génie électrique

Cossaboom, Matthew Stephen
Quispamsis, NB
Thesis Supervisor / Directeur de mémoire – Dr. A. Noureldin

Rogers, Sarah Alicia
Yarmouth, NS
Thesis Supervisor / Directeur de mémoire – Dr. J. Bray
The Computational Electromagnetic Modelling of the CH-146 Griffon Helicopter / Le modélisme électromagnétique de l’hélicoptère CH-146 Griffon

Vigeant, Guillaume
Laval, QC
Thesis Supervisor / Directeur de mémoire – Dr. A.J.G. Beaulieu
Schedulability Analysis and Partitioning in a Multicore Hard Real-Time Operating System Environment/ Partitionnement et analyse d’ordonnancement dans un environnement de système d’exploitation temps-réel garanti pour multicoeurs

Mechanical Engineering / Génie mécanique

Chen, Sidian Samuel
Toronto, ON
Thesis Supervisors / Directeurs de mémoire – Dr. M. Arsenault / Dr. K. Moglo
Design of a Biofidelic Cervical Functional Spinal Unit Substitute /
Conception d’un dispositif biofidèled’une unité fonctionnelle du rachis cervical

Nuclear Engineering / Génie nucléaire

Avarmaa, Kirsten Alison
Verona, ON
Thesis Supervisors / Directeurs de mémoire – Dr. B.J. Lewis / Dr. L. Bennett
Early Development and Characterization of a DNA-Based Radiation Dosimeter/ Développement et caractérisation d’un dosimètre à ADN

Aeronautical Engineering / Génie aéronautique

Edwards, Robert A.
Toronto, ON
Thesis Supervisor / Directeur de mémoire – Dr. M. LaViolette
Schlieren Imaging and Computed Tomography for Wind Tunnel Measurements / Mesure en soufflerie par strioscopie et tomographie numérique


Master of Business Administration / Maîtrise en administration des affaires

Armstrong, Lauren Ashley
Niagara Falls, ON

Coulombe, Kevin Andrew
Clarendon, NB

Cox, Joel Bryson
Middleton, NS

King, Devon Clayton
Belleville, ON

Pierce, Luke Norris
Merritt, BC

Sader, Sam
Victoria, BC

Thompson, Ryan Owen John
Kingston, ON


Master of Defence Studies / Maîtrise en études de la défense

Phillips, William
Seale, Alabama, USA


Master of Defence Engineering and Management / Maîtrise en génie de la défense et en gestion

Braden, Jason Charles James
Ottawa, ON

Croucher, John Carl
Fredericton, NB

Awards, Medals & Scholarships


The Teaching Excellence Award – The Teaching Excellence Award was donated by the Class of 1965 in memory of the late Dr. Tom Barton. It is given in recognition of exemplary concern for students, dedication to teaching and enthusiasm in lecturing and an extraordinary ability to stimulate learning.

Dr. Huw Edwin Osborne

The Cowan Prize for Excellence in Research – The Cowan Prize for Excellence in Research was instituted in 2001 through a donation by a member of the RMC Club. It is given to a faculty member in recognition for distinction in scholarship, based on quality, originality, impact and quantity of the scholarly productivity.

Dr. Adam Chapnick

The Governor General’s Gold Medal – is awarded to the graduating student who achieves the highest academic standing in a Master’s degree programme.

Roberge, Vincent Rémi

The Barry D. Hunt Memorial Prize – is awarded tothe best graduate student graduating in War Studies or in History.

Wentzell, Tyler D.

The Royal Canadian Naval College Class of ‘46 Scholarship – is awarded to the graduating member of the Naval Environment with the highest academic average in a post-graduate programme.

Ouellet, Dany

The Canadian Forces Logistics Branch Medal of Academic Excellence in the MBA Programme – is awarded annually to the graduating student of the RMC MBA programme who has achieved the highest academic standing.

Curtis, Robert Trent

The Governor General’s Silver Medal – is awarded to the cadet with the highest overall average in the Fourth Year of study, on completion of an Honours or Engineering degree programme with First Class Honours, provided that a four-year programme of study has been completed and that an overall average of Second Class Honours has been recorded in Third Year.

Alexander, Brendan William

The Gibson Medal – Graduating Year – is awarded to the top graduating student in the Faculty of Arts. This award is presented in memory of 2569 Major Desmond H. Gibson, PC, MC, VD.

Alexander, Brendan William

The Stuart S. Barton Science Award – is awarded to the student who has maintained the highest overall academic average in the Fourth Year of an Honours Science program, provided this average is above 80%. This award was sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Barton in memory of the late Dr. Barton, a distinguished member of the RMC Chemistry Department. The prize would not be awarded if, in a given year, the above conditions are not met.

Thibedeau, Marshall William

The Professional Engineers of Ontario Gold Medal for Academic Achievement – is awarded to the engineering student with the highest academic standing in the final year of a Bachelor degree.

Hodgson, James Julien

The W.M. Carleton Monk Memorial Scholarship – is awarded to the RETP Fourth Year cadet with the highest marks in academic subjects provided attendance at a university following graduation.

Lim, Richard Anthony

The Squadron Leader McAlpine Cadet Trust Fund – is awarded to the Graduating Cadet in an Air Force classification who obtains the highest academic marks.

Hodgson, James Julien

The Canadian Forces Military College Academic Awards for Graduating Students – a medal is awarded annually in each of Honours Arts, Honours Science, and Engineering to the graduating UTPNCM cadet with Advanced Standing who, having First Class Distinction, stands highest of the graduating UTPNCMs in the course of study, provided that an overall average of Second Class Distinction without failures or conditions was maintained in the previous year.

Fourth Year of a 4-year programme
Bellerose, Chantal C.

The Fort St-Jean Chapter Prize – is awarded to the ROTP/RETP Fourth Year cadet with the most improved second language since entry in the Military College while maintaining a superior performance in the other pillars of the Programme.

Beare, Sarah Dawn

The Lieutenant-Colonel Leroy Fraser Grant Memorial Prize – is awarded to the student of any year who submits the best essay on other than a Canadian or Commonwealth topic.

Lee, Allen Patrick Shane

The Canadian Forces Military College Academic Awards – is awarded to UTPNCM cadets with Advanced Standing who stand highest among the Advanced Standing cadets in the years and programmes listed below, provided that the year has been clearly passed without condition and that an overall weighted average of A- or better has been obtained:

Third Year of a 3-year (Pass) programme
Lund, Ronald Gordon Michael

Departmental Medals

A medal is awarded annually in each academic programme, and in each Humanities major, to the cadet standing highest in the programme in the Fourth Year providing an overall average of A- or better has been earned by the recipient. Recipients must have maintained a minimum overall average of B- or better without failures or conditions in the Third Year of study.

Business Administration
Noël, Mark S.

D’Ettore, Leah Alexandra

Alexander, Brendan William

Military and Strategic Studies
Batho, Dana Bree

Hill, Jamie Edward

Gillam, George Heber

Military Psychology and Leadership
Scott, Christina D.

Rogers, Glynis Catherine

Belliveau, John Norman

Space Science
Bernatchez, David

Thibedeau, Marshall William

Chemical Engineering
Laframboise, Vincent Joseph Jean-Paul

Civil Engineering
Saul, Donald Vernon

Computer Engineering
Hodgson, James Julien

Electrical Engineering
Kim, Choong-Il

Mechanical Engineering
Feng, Guan Tai

Aeronautical Engineering
Roberts, Jessica Caitlin


Prestigious Scholarships

DRDC (Defence Research & Development Canada) Fellowships – The Defence Research and Development Canada is the national authority for providing scientific, engineering and technological leadership in the advancement and maintenance of Canada’s defence capabilities. The Branch’s R&D programme is carried out directly in five laboratories located across Canada and indirectly through support at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. The DRDC supports the development of high-calibre Canadians in engineering, humanities and science through a number of fellowships tenable at the Royal Military College of Canada that provide financial assistance to graduate students engaged in master’s or doctoral programmes in engineering or humanities or natural sciences.

Master in Business Administration
Noël, Mark S.

Master in Business Administration
Baskerville, Kaitlin Anne

Master in Business Administration
Martin, Brian F.

Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering
Chong, Andrew Wai Ming

Master of Applied Science in Computer Engineering
Hodgson, James Julien

NSERC Scholarships (Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada) – The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) fosters the discovery and application of knowledge through the support of university research and the training of scientists and engineers. The Council promotes the use of this knowledge to build a strong national economy and improve the quality of life of all Canadians.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Lebel, Luke Simon

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Piro, Markus Hans Alexander

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Sanscartier, David Joseph Sébastien

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Durbin, Deborah Jocelyn Devon

Civil Engineering
Oke, Jeffrey Daniel

Computer Engineering
Pelchat, Edouard Joseph A.

Mechanical Engineering
Hickey, Jean-Pierre

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) – The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) is the federal agency that promotes and supports university-based research and training in the humanities and social sciences. Through its programs and policies, the Council enables the highest levels of research excellence in Canada, and facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration across research disciplines, universities and all sectors of society.

The CGS Master’s program seeks to develop research skills and assist in the training of highly-qualified personnel by supporting students in the social sciences and humanities who demonstrate a high standard of achievement in undergraduate and early graduate studies. This program, (together with the SSHRC Doctoral Awards and Postdoctoral Fellowships programs), helps train Canada’s researchers and leaders of tomorrow.

War Studies
Sabourin, Krystel Carrier

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Undergraduate Degrees

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