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Did you know?

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The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) and Royal Military College of Canada

When the Learned Societies held their annual session in 1950 at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, the decision was taken to establish a national organization of university teachers which could deal with issues such as salaries, tenure, pensions, income tax relief, sabbaticals and academic freedom. The primary concerns were poor

salaries and a sense of the declining status of academics. At that time, a provisional organizing committee was formed with eighteen members from sixteen universities.

The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) now represents over 66,000 academic staff at 122 universities and colleges and has a budget of $7.1-million.

The Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association (CMCFA), which is a Canadian Association of University Teachers Member Association, represents academic faculty at the Royal Military College of Canada, Royal Military College St. Jean, and the Canadian Forces College.

CMCFA`s role is to regulate the relations between members of the CMCFA and their employer, including collective bargaining, administration of the collective agreement, and any other means of effectively representing employee interests. Specifically, CMCFA promotes the well-being of its members; promotes and defends academic freedom; and promotes the well-being of the Canadian Military Colleges.

http://acppu.ca/pages.asp?page=1021 http://cmcfa-apcmc.ca/






Who Am I?


  • Born at 2 Wing (RCAF), Grostenquin, France.

  • Spent 17 years as a “Forces Brat”. Lived at CFB North Bay, CFB St-Hubert, CFB Bagotville, CFB 4Wing (Baden, Germany), CFB St-Jean.

  • Studied engineering at CMR & RMC Kingston (Elec. Eng.).

  • While in the CF had OJT and temp postings at CFB Gagetown, CFB Valcartier and CFB Edmonton (Griesbach Barracks)

  • Enrolled with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police following his CF service

  • Completed Bachelor of Arts/ U of Waterloo (Kitchener)

  • Regional Manager, Security Services & Special Projects with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

  • 2003 trained and joined Duke of Edinburgh program as Coach & Mentor.

  • 2004 joined the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International) a professional organization focusing on the security industry and best practices.

  • 2008 receive ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation.

  • 2009 joined the Royal Military Institute of Manitoba

  • 2011 Honoured as a Security Industry leader by US based “Stanford Who’s Who”.


Who Am I?

a)  12058  Michel Frechette;

b)  12059 Jacques J. Gagné;

c)   12080 Normand Hurens; or

d)   12087 Michel Labrosse



12059 Jacques J. Gagné