Do You Know These 3?

A) Who Is He?


Was born in Sydney, B.C., and grew up in Vancouver;

After graduation and RCEME training, he spent 30 plus years in the Army;

He had a variety of interesting jobs, including Maint O of the Fort Garry Horse, BEME of 1CIBG, Weapons Maintenance Staff Officer at FMC, and LCMM at NDHQ for the APC family;

He spent two years on exchange with the US Army at the Armament Research and Development Command, working first on tank armament systems and anti-tank rounds and later on the development of the 81 mm smoke round;

He spent the last 12 years of his Army carreer teaching in the Mech Eng Dept at RMC, doing Materials, Thermodynamics, and Engineering Graphics;

He served on the International Commission of Control and Supervision (ICCS) in Vietnam in 1973;

Attended the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey for an MSME degree in Weapon Systems Technology;

Completed a PhD at Queen’s. His thesis work involved armour penetration and high strain rate plastic deformation of materials;

Since “retiring” he has worked off and on as an Engineering Graphics Prof at RMC and Queen’s, and even one year at Purdue University in Indiana;

In his spare time he plays bridge as often as possible and in his younger years spent much time camping and canoeing as a scout leader.

Who Is He?

a) 6903 Terry Doyle;

b) 6941 Ernie Stoakley;

c) 7265 Lloyd Beverly; or

d) 6910 Doug Hamilton


B) Who Is He?

Captain and offensive tackle of the undefeated 1976-77 CMR Remparts (football);

He went on to have an interesting and very fulfilling career with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry;

Managed to fill all the regular jobs from platoon commander to commanding officer and a few unique ones like Deputy Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer of 2 Commando;

Canadian Liaison Offer to the US Marine Corps (including a few parachute drops from the President’s helicopter);

Chief of Plans and Sector Commander for General Dallaire in Rwanda and Deputy Chief Planner for the Balkans at SHAPE HQ in Belgium;

Decided that 30 years in one job was enough and “retired’ from the CF;

He enrolled and completed the year long Cordon Bleu Paris (Ottawa) cooking diploma while finishing up an accreditation as a Sommelier at the same time;

Opened a great little French restaurant in the Gatineau woods that did well “artistically” but suffered from the too typical “under funding” to remain a viable option;

Has worked in a number of wine stores and managed a horse breeding farm;

Has been engaged full time as a Senior Military Analyst providing live simulation services to the Canadian Army;

Also involved as the National Secretary for the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Association.

Who Is He?

a) 11610 Michael Austdal;

b) 11658 René Gervais;

c) 12126 Mario Simard; or

d) 12108 Michael Ouellette


C) Who Is She?

Education includes: University of Ottawa (MBA); Ecole supérieure de Commerce de Reims (MBA), International electives ; and Royal Military College of Canada (BEng, Chemical and Materials);

Served alongside the British Naval Forces during a posting at the Royal Naval Engineering College (RNEC), Manadon, England;

Is a Senior VP with the Technology Consulting practice of PwC where she leads business transformation consulting services within the Ontario Public Sector;

She also drives national BT initiatives supporting PwC’s consulting growth and is a member of the Global Transform Leadership team.

Has managed a number of multiple phase, multi-million dollars transformational programs.;

Her experience also includes the development and rollout of Post-Graduate courses with U of Ottawa and lecturing at the undergraduate and graduate levels;

Is a Canadian Trustee to the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and has also served on a number of other boards and councils.

Experience includes ownership of a chain of five Ottawa-based retail stores;

Is a senior vice president with the Consulting practice of PwC working in the Toronto office;

She has four children; her hobbies include music and sports.

Who Is She?

a) 18668 Genevieve (nee Imbeault);

b) 19180 Nathalie Langlosi;

c) 19203 Nathalie Martel; or

d) 19379 Chantal Naud



a) 6910 Doug Hamilton;

b) 11610 Michael Austdal; and

c) 18668 Genevieve (nee Imbeault)