Do you recognize this photo of an Ex Cadet from the 1930s?

Do you recognize this photo of an Ex Cadet from the 1930s?

Your name was given to me by Christine Hamelin, an RMC employee, who I met recently in Mexico while on vacation. I told her the story I am about to tell you and she thought you just might be able to help.

I was the executrix of my Uncle’s estate. He was Ex cadet, James Ralph Hilborn Kirkpatrick, 1934-38, (2397) who commanded Motor Torpedo Boat’s in WWII in the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve and later returned to practice law, and subsequently was a Magistrate in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. In his possessions, I found a studio portrait of an RMC cadet (not him) – (photo left –  click on photo for better viewing). I am trying to trace who it is, because it is a signed Karsh photo and I thought maybe his family would be interested in having it.

I have talked to the Karsh curators who can not help me.  I know it’s a slim chance, given the age of the individual,but I also know that RMC has a tradition of generations of families as students.

Please let me know if this is a possibility and I can arrange to get you a better copy of the picture.

Kind regards,

Linda Knowles

Contact Bill Oliver if you think you recognize this gentleman cadet. [email protected]