DoD of Antiquity: A short poem by 27472 OCdt (III) Eliza Bruce

DoD of Antiquity

A red-stained manifesto

Blood-soaked with petty fears

Stiffened, spun

With wool-knit tears

Crusted round with gold


Edges trimmed

With depths of coal

This, the RMC scarlet’s tunic

Has seen the march of heroes go by—

Many the ready and all the intrepid—

Saying, Truth, Duty, Valour, or Die.

Scoff not at the noble apparel

Straight-necked and straight-chest it be,

These carry the roles

Of lads and lassies before;

Let them not melt in the rain from above

Or fade under afflicting suns

This is the wardrobe of the great and the few,

Worn by the fallen

Donned by the new.