“Don’t Rain on My Parade”

“To those earning medals, be it Canadian Armed Forces Decorations or mission medals, wear them with pride and remember to celebrate these accomplishments with your family as your success would not have been possible without their tireless support on the home-front!”

Brigadier-General Al Meinzinger


Royal Military College of Canada

Unit Parade – 16 October 2013

Photo by: Brad Lowe

Military Planning at its Best


Royal Military College of Canada held a Unit parade last Wednesday, 16 October. The temperature was mild for this time of year but the weather was threatening rain. If one listened closely, he/she would almost swear that they could hear the popular song from the 1960s – “Don’t Rain On My Parade” being sung (at least under their breath) by many of those in charge during the form-up and fall-in.

The impressive turn-out consisted of both staff and cadets. Capt Genevieve Vallieres a Military Faculty member of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department was Master of Ceremony and kept things moving very professionally and smoothly.

The Commandant, BGen Al Meinzinger was the Reviewing Officer; he was accompanied by the Director of Cadets, LCol Patrick Lemyre, Parade Commander and the College Chief Warrant Officer, Chief Petty Officer First Class Keith Davidson. College Principal, Dr. Harry Kowal was also in attendance.

The commandant quickly acknowledged the new members of the Cadet Wing – the brand new first years and newest UTPNCMs who joined the Wing only a short couple of weeks ago.

“You stand on this parade square this morning because you succeeded in FYOP. As exemplified by your amazing success running the obstacle course, you have learned that placing the context of the team ahead of oneself is what truly matters.”

The College Band under the command of the Cadet Wing Band Officer, OCdt Stephanie Clark from Chatham, Quebec provided appropriate music throughout the event. The Padre was Major (Father) Jean-Paul Rochefort. One wondered if he felt any pressure regarding the threatening weather.

Upon completion of the inspection, the Commandant presented a number of Honours and recognitions to deserving Civilian and Military members of RMCC for their outstanding career achievements.


– Brad Lowe

Among the awards and those being recognized were:

The South-West Asia Service Medal recognizes the participation of CF members deployed or in direct support of the operations against terrorism in South-West Asia for a minimum of 30 days cumulative service and rotation bars are added for every additional 180 days served.

Capt Johnathan Hamilton: South-West Asia Service Medal 1st rotation bar which represents 180 days of eligible service. Capt Hamilton was awarded the SWASM rotation bar.

OCdt Jason Leverton received his South-west Asia Service Medal 1st Rotation bar. Ocdt Leverton also received two additional medals – the general Campaign Star, South west Asia as well as the NATO Operation Libya medal.

The General Campaign Star (GCS) is awarded to members of the Canadian Forces and members of allied forces working with the Canadian Forces who deployed into a defined theatre of operations to take part in operations in the presence of an armed enemy and is awarded after 30 days of cumulative service, and each additional 180 days is recognized with a rotation bar.

The NATO Libya medal is awarded for honourable service under NATO operation “UNIFIED PROTECTOR”.

OCdt Leverton is a UTPNCM computer engineering student in his second year at RMCC.

CWO Stephan Despins received his General Campaign Star – South West Asia 2nd Rotation Bar. This bar represents 390 days of eligible service.

OCdt Joel Blake, was presented the General Campaign Star – South West Asia 1st Rotation Bar. This bar represents 180 days of eligible service.

Photo by: Brad Lowe

The Canadian Forces Decoration is awarded to Officers and Non-Commissioned Members of the Canadian Forces with a good record of conduct who have completed twelve years of service. Each subsequent 10 years of service earns a member an additional clasp on the medal.

Receiving his Canadian Forces Decoration 2nd Clasp for 32 years of service was:

Maj David Schneider; currently employed as the training wing ops officer.

Receiving their Canadian Forces Decoration 1st Clasp for 22 years of service were:

OCdt Scott McPhalen; UTPNCM Psychology student currently in his third year of study.

OCdt Eric Turgeon; 2nd Year UTPNCM Business Administration student.

Receiving their Canadian Forces Decoration for 12 years of service were:

Maj Natalie Cathcart -works in the Division of Continuing Studies;

Maj Philippe Rheuame – is currently a student of the Applied Military Sciences division;

Lt(N) Harold Card – works in the College’s J3 organization responsible for the promulgation and coordination of college events;

MS Melissa Roux – is a cook at the Cadet Dining Hall;

NCdt Robert Desaulnier – is a 3rd year UTPNCM Mechanical Engineering student;

NCdt Kevin Rule – is a 2nd year UTPNCM Business Administration student;

OCdt Daniel Ladouceur – is a 3rd year UTPNCM Mathematics student; and

OCdt Todd Ward – is in holding Platoon awaiting reversion and is currently teaching basic electronics to recruit technicians at 212 EW squadron

The Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) Commendation is awarded by the Chief of the Defence Staff to recognize deeds or activities beyond the demand of normal duty.

The CDS Commendation insignia was presented to WO Charles Cote.

“While deployed to Afghanistan from July 2011 to February 2012, Warrant Officer Cote displayed superb leadership and planning skills as Visits Warrant Officer. Planning and executing company-level operations with simultaneous activities occurring across an entire city, he maintained detailed coordination with Afghan and NATO officials, demanded the highest standards of force protection and insulated visitors from the friction of operations. Warrant Officer Cote’s outstanding performance ensured the near-flawless conduct of numerous high-level visits, enabling visitors to gain key insights into the mission”.

Ms France Couture; Mr Terry Hutchinson; and Ms Brigitte Conrad were commended for their work in support of the 1812 Walking Tour project.

The Faculty of Engineering Accreditation Committee were commended for obtaining a full six year accreditation from the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board for all six undergraduate engineering programmes at RMCC.

In particular this group consisted of five individuals who wrote, compiled, checked and rechecked the hundreds of pages of documentation required by the CEAB for each programme and who made the visit run smoothly:

Dr. Kiari Goni Boulama from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, LCdr Dean Morrissey from Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Philippe Chang from Civil Engineering, Dr. Juan Beltran and Major Paul Hungler from Chemical Engineering.

OCdt Scotty Marshall was singled-out for his leadership as the RMCC Yacht Club President.

Mr Daren Dougall, Executive Director at the Youth Diversion Program spoke to the important contributions made by the United Way in the Kingston area.

BGen Meinzinger, wrapped things up just a few minutes before the clouds opened and there was a big down pour.  The 45th commandant in the history of RMCC and in the position just under three months concluded his remarks, in his usual eloquent  style. “It is clearly evident to me that all elements of the College Team continue to strive for excellence at every turn, and I thank you sincerely for your efforts.”

He was obviously happy and thankful too – that the prayers from Major (Father) Rochefort, “Don’t Rain On My Parade” were answered. It meant that he didn’t need the raincoat his Aid carried on to the parade.