Dr. B Asks, “What are you reading?”

“It’s a great mix of entertaining plot and philosophical substance”

Article by Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce

For the last installment of “What are you reading?” of 2018, this roving reporter went international, talking to OCdt (III) Malcolm Nettie, currently on an internship at UN HQ in New York. In between meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, holding up the side at the Polish Embassy, and his studies, does OCdt Nettie have time to pick up a book? Yes!

“I’m in the middle of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky,” he says, having recently finished A Canticle for Liebowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr. Always interested in maximum entertainment bang for literary buck, OCdt Nettie chose Canticle for its “sci-fi aspects and exploration of religion and science in human society.” And Crime and Punishment? It’s no easy read. No, says OCdt Nettie, and that’s exactly why he chose it: “it’s a great mix of entertaining plot and philosophical substance. With Dostoevsky I get to feel personally attacked by the story.”