Dr. B Asks, “What are you reading?”

“It’s visually powerful and the writing is deeply personal, even daring”

Article by Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce

In the final throes of term work, the easiest literary terrain to navigate is an anthology of short pieces: bright nuggets of poetry and prose nestled in a field of beautiful images… and what better anthology to pick up than RMC’s own literary journal, Arch/L’Arc? Dr Adelheid Nicol, Interim Head of Military Psychology and Leadership, is currently enjoying volume 3 of Arch/L’Arc, just released in March. Dr Nicol’s assessment: “It’s a beautiful volume! It’s visually powerful, and the writing is deeply personal, even daring.”

Arch/L’Arc is important not only as a venue for creative writing, but as evidence of the richness of RMC’s culture. As Dr Nicol says, “The magazine reveals a side of the college we don’t often get to see – writing from the heart. Students and faculty don’t just produce great academic work.” The bilingual magazine is run by a dedicated team of student peer reviewers; it’s overseen by members of the Département de langue française, littérature, et culture and the English, Culture, and Communication Department; and it receives vital financial support from the RMC Foundation. It’s a truly collaborative, college-wide publication, inside and out. “It’s great to see different parts of the college supporting the project, and supporting the culture of creativity here,” Dr Nicol adds.

Issues of Arch/L’Arc are free. They are available in the Humanities Lounge (SSC28) and in the common area of the Library, open 24/7. And how many copies did Dr Nicol pick up herself? “Oh – two! One for the office, and one for me to enjoy at home.”

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