Dr. B Asks, “What are you reading?

“They help me see my own life in context.”

Article by Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce

I had the pleasure this week of chatting with OCdt Bradley van Schubert, First Year Officer Cadet, RMC Paladins Hockey goalie and recent provincial as well as national all-sport MVP, about what he was reading.

“I’m about to start Clint Malarchuk’s autobiography, A Matter of Inches.” For those who might not remember, Malarchuk was the Buffalo Sabres goalie whose neck was sliced open during an in-crease collision. “As a goalie myself, I really admire his courage: he bounced back from this incredible injury and the intense depression caused by it to get back in the game.”

Hockey bios are OCdt van Schubert’s go-to stories. Why? “These guys feel like mentors to me, especially when they talk about their childhoods growing up on the road in the junior leagues, away from their families. It’s hard when you’re sixteen to be by yourself.”

The hockey season at RMC can be intense, but reading the memoirs of hockey greats helps OCdt van Schubert keep the larger picture in view. “They help me see my own life in context.”