Dr. B Asks, “What are you reading?” / Dr. B recipient of major award

“Do the thriller plots ever keep him up at night?”

Article by Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce

Not that Dr Harry Kowal, RMC’s Principal, ever has two minutes to rub together, but he kindly made time to answer a question I’ve been asking a lot lately: “What are you reading?”

“I’ve just started David Baldacci’s Absolute Power,” Dr Kowal told me. “Baldacci is a thriller writer my wife Cheryl got me hooked on.” Dr Kowal mentioned that he likes to read whole collections of authors; if he likes a writer’s particular voice, he’ll stick with it through an entire oeuvre. “I love to get totally immersed in a story, and even better if it’s a series.”

When does he find time to relax with a book? “It’s the last thing I do every day – sometimes it’s just a few minutes. Sometimes I don’t even remember the title of what I’m reading, but I remember the story.” Do the action thriller plots ever keep him up at night? “Ha – no – I’m always just so happy to know that it’s fiction, they don’t bother me at all.”


Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce

Announcement – 2018 The Colonel the Honourable John Matheson – Academic Leadership Award

The Academic Leadership Award was established upon the suggestion of Colonel, the Honourable John Matheson, to recognize outstanding leadership by a member of the Royal Military College academic faculty in support of the objectives of the Royal Military College of Canada.  Each year nominations are brought forward to Deans’ Council for consideration, and as in every year, there were a number of strong candidates to consider which is a testament to the exceptional quality of our faculty.

The Principal and members of the Deans’ Council are pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce as the 2018 John Matheson Academic Leadership Award recipient.  Congratulations Erika!  Since Erika is not available for Fall Convocation, the award will be presented at Spring Convocation.

Annonce – 2018 le prix leadership académique – Le colonel l’honorable John Matheson

Le prix du leadership scolaire a été créé à la demande du colonel, l’honorable John Matheson, afin de reconnaître le leadership exceptionnel d’un membre du corps professoral du Collège militaire royal à l’appui des objectifs du Collège militaire royal du Canada.  Chaque année, les candidatures sont soumises au Conseil des doyens pour révision.  Comme chaque année, un certain nombre de candidats compétents ont été examinés, ce qui témoigne de la qualité exceptionnelle de notre corps professoral.

Le recteur et les membres du Conseil des doyens ont le plaisir d’annoncer que Mme Erika Behrisch Elce a été choisie pour recevoir le Prix de leadership scolaire John Matheson 2018.  Félicitations Erika !  Erika n’étant pas disponible pour la collation des grades de l’automne, le prix sera présenté lors de la collation des grades du printemps.