Dr. B Asks, “What are you reading?” / Le Dr B. demande: «Que lis-tu?»

Article by Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce

29356 OCdt (I) Kyu Park got a head start on his Winter term reading; he read Jacques Tardi’s The Arctic Marauder during FYOP! “It was part of my book package for ENE110,” OCdt Park explains, “and a graphic novel was about all I could handle during FYOP. I needed the pictures.” Tardi’s graphic novel follows a young student, Jerome Plumier, on a quest to find his uncle in the north, and they both become criminal masterminds. It’s a cult classic by the legendary French comics artist perhaps best known for It Was the War of the Trenches. Was the story a cautionary tale? “It certainly didn’t show me a kind of leadership I admired,” Park observed. “Plumier starts out with idealism and ends up being loyal for all the wrong reasons. It definitely paints a dark picture of the consequences of blind obedience.” What do you think you’ll do with it in your English class? Park smiles, “I read it a while ago, but I remember I didn’t really like Plumier.” As OCdt Park’s ENE110 prof, I look forward to some lively discussions!


Article par le Dr Erika Behrisch Elce

29356 Élof (I) Kyu Park a pris une longueur d’avance sur son semestre du trimestre d’hiver; il a lu The Arctive Marauder de Jacques Tardi pendant POPA! «Cela faisait partie de mon ensemble de livres pour ENE110», explique l’Élof Park, «et un roman graphique était à peu près tout ce que je pouvais gérer pendant POPA. J’avais besoin des images.» Le roman graphique de Tardi suit un jeune étudiant, Jérôme Plumier, dans une quête pour trouver son oncle dans le nord, et ils deviennent tous deux des cerveaux criminels. C’est un classique culte du légendaire dessinateur français de bandes dessinées, peut-être mieux connu pour It Was the War of the Trenches. L’histoire était-elle un récit édifiant? «Cela ne m’a certainement pas montré une sorte de leadership que j’admirais», a observé Park. «Plumier commence avec l’idéalisme et finit par être fidèle pour toutes les mauvaises raisons. Cela dépeint définitivement une image sombre des conséquences de l’obéissance aveugle.» Que pensez-vous que vous en ferez dans votre cours d’anglais? Park sourit: «Je l’ai lu il y a quelque temps, mais je me souviens que je n’aimais pas vraiment Plumier.» En tant que prof ENE110 de l’Élof Park, j’attends avec impatience des discussions animées!

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  • Ron Stewart

    February 11, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    What am I reading? Poetry. Usually modern Canadian poetry as you will see below in a poem I wrote titled “The Thing about Poetry”

    I love to read and often
    have several books of poetry lying around
    in a number of places in various
    stages of completion.
    But, here’s the thing about poetry.
    A short poem can be read
    in half a minute,
    a longer one in a few more,
    a very long poem may take
    less than fifteen minutes to read,
    except for those
    like Elliot’s “The Wasteland”
    or Milton’s “Paradise Lost”.

    In a single day I can go from Michael Crummy’s
    “Hard Light” in the bathroom,
    to “Go Leaving Strange” by Patrick Lane
    in the den.
    I can sit in my Lazy Boy and refresh
    my joy with “Thousand Kisses Deep”
    in Cohen’s “Book of Longing”.
    Many of my favourites have several bookmarks,
    so that I can go back to that terrible
    accident in George Amabile’s
    “Dancing with Mirrors”.
    The strong emotional impact of that poem
    is like nothing I’ve ever felt before.
    Sometimes I wish to rekindle the fire
    I felt reading about that long sensuous kiss
    in the same book.

    Not for me the Novel of the week,
    the top ten best sellers
    of Fiction or Non.
    I prefer the coziness, the drama,
    the hard-hitting gutsy literature
    of a well written poem,
    where a poet can describe a character
    far better in a few lines,
    than some novelists can in a few chapters.
    Let me fill in the blanks with my mind.
    It’s better for the poet.
    It’s better for the reader.
    It’s just better.

    ©Ron Stewart Sep 2015