Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce: Cadets call her ‘Dr. B’

Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce: Cadets call her ‘Dr. B’

Article by: 27371 OCdt (IV) Allyssa Millie

Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce has been an English professor for the past nine years here at RMC. Before coming to RMC, however, she spent a few years teaching at Queens University just down the street.

 Dr. Elce spent her childhood living in Alaska, deciding early on that she wanted to be a teacher. For her post-secondary education she returned to her birthplace of Vancouver, BC and attended both Capilano College and the University of British Columbia. Although her original goal was to teach at a community college for adults, it changed when she decided to attend Queens University for graduate school. Her chosen field of study was 19th century polar exploration.

 Since she taught at a civilian university before coming to RMC, Dr. Elce noticed a big difference between the two schools and the students who attended them. For her, the biggest challenge of teaching at the military college was not being able to get too emotionally involved in the lives of the students. As teachers, she says that they admire our decisions, enjoy our company, and do everything they can to help us survive and thrive in our intense lives at the college. Nevertheless, even though they try not to get too attached to their students, it’s a sad goodbye to see them leave after they graduate and get their commissions.

 The best part though about teaching here at the college says Dr. Elce, are the students. The students are so interesting she said, as they come from so many diverse backgrounds, and have so many different ideas and perspectives. She loves teaching here at the college, and if able to would like to stay until her retirement.