Dr. Laura Robinson headed to Memorial University

Dr. Laura Robinson headed to Memorial University

By: WJO & various other sources

Dr. Laura Robinson, full professor and Interim Dean of the Faculty of Arts is leaving Royal Military College of Canada for the second time in her teaching career. The highly popular professor, started teaching part-time at RMC in 1997; she left for a fulltime position at Nipissing University in 2002. She returned to RMC fulltime in 2005.

Laura has been named Dean, School of Arts and Social Science at Memorial University (Grenfell Campus). She is an accomplished scholar of children’s literature, with an emphasis on Anne of Green Gables. She is an award-winning teacher and researcher, and prides herself on creative, inclusive teaching techniques. She holds a bachelor of arts from Acadia University, masters of arts from University of Manitoba and a PhD from Queen’s University.

When asked what motivated the move, the always gracious Dr. Robinson replied:


“I was attracted to the small, artsy campus at Grenfell and by being able to move back to Atlantic Canada. The position is also as founding dean of a new school, so the possibilities there appeal to me. Grenfell Campus is moving from a divisional system, where they had five divisions, to a decanal system, with three Schools, each with a dean.”

Moving is nothing new for the former ‘air force brat’. She has lived in Tucson Arizona, Toronto, Gander Newfoundland, Chatham New Brunswick, Ramstein Germany, Lahr Germany, Shearwater Nova Scotia, Wolfville Nova Scotia, Halifax, Winnipeg, Kingston, Ottawa, Kingston, North Bay, and finally back to Kingston again.

“I will be stepping down as interim dean on 30 June and taking up my new position at Grenfell for 1 August.”

We asked about her proudest memory at RMC.

“This is a tough question as there are so many moments and memories. Each year for the past four years, when I hood our students at convocation, I am unbelievably proud of them. I am quite pleased that I was able to introduce a Gender and Literature course into RMC’s curriculum back in 2000 and now there are two such courses and other similar types of courses. I was deeply honoured when RMC presented me with The Colonel, The Honorable John Matheson Award for Academic Leadership in November 2014.”

Principal, Dr Harry Kowal expressed his feelings very clearly when he made the announcement to the Faculty Board. “This is tremendous news for Laura but sadly I believe this is Memorial’s gain and our loss. Laura has made a distinct impression and significant impact here at RMC and she will be missed greatly.”

Likely, the only professor at RMC, potentially in the world, who has the ejection seat from a CF 101 Voodoo plane in her office ended our conversation:

“I certainly will miss everyone very much. I feel very strongly, as someone who grew up in the military, that the military is my family, so I will always be rooting for RMC and recommending it highly. The quality of the education here is second to none. And I certainly hope people stay in touch!”