e-Veritas – 2012, The First Six Months…

The Best of the First Half…


We are well into July. The weather at least in this neck of the woods has been “hot & sticky” for quite some time.

We had the opportunity last week in a nice air conditioned room to review the January to end of June (2012) editions of e-Veritas. Most people would say that the view from Panet House is pretty good too!


The photo by OCdt 26069 C. W. Kunkel speaks for itself

Some of the articles over the past six months that caught our attention:


Cadets Take Officer Training to New Level

Winter Finally Arrives

Go RMC! Beat Army! Photos and Some Memories…


West Point Weekend: Winter Sports Day & More…


What are these 24 Up to these Days



Pillbox Being Replaced – New Headgear Available for Grad

Budget Cuts Hit Home – Staff & Cadets Briefed by Commandant

RMC Stands Tall In Grueling Sandhurst Competition


Cadets March into Town for Tradition: “It makes me so proud to be a Canadian.”

“Looks like a Military College Again…”

DEGREES – Bestowed Amidst Pomp and Circumstance

Canadian Forces welcomes 274 new officers

University with a Difference


The Way It Was…In Photos

Class Notes

More Winners than Losers in Sports Shakeup


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