e-Veritas: 500 Issues / Tops 5 million in total views



e-Veritas: 500 Issues / Tops 5 million in total views


e-Veritas has hit the 500 Issue mark! And topped well over 5 million views!

Back in January 2005, Rolande, and I put together a special e-newsletter called e-Veritas. From the start it has been a team effort! The name, e-Veritas actually started about a year earlier in a word document newsletter format sent out by 20771 Keri Kettle who at the time was employed by the RMC Club. He targeted mainly to Ex Cadets; the content was mainly sports related articles from the varsity program.

From the beginning our production had little, if any, resemblance to the version produced by Keri.


From that January 6, 2005 date until July 2007 we ran with a program which we out-sourced commercially to produce each Issue. We experienced our share of ‘ups & downs’ with this arrangement. The biggest frustration was never knowing what day it would be ready to send out to you the readers.

So we switched to a format that we would have more control and maybe even more important was much, much more cost effective!

From that summer of 2007 until the present we have used this WordPress program; although far from a perfect layout – we are generally pleased EVERY Issue that we have enough relevant information to keep most of our readers interested in at least one or two of the current articles.

In addition to hitting the 500th milestone – last Monday (6 June) we topped the 5 million ‘views’ mark with this WordPress format. Add the 379,380 ‘views’ from the original version and to say that we appreciated the longtime support would be a major understatement.

Later this summer we will be doing another major facelift and moving to yet another format – but more on that in an upcoming edition.

We would like to thank and express our gratitude to all members (past & present) of the Club Board of Directors; the three Executive Directors, with whom we served: Peter Dawe, Michael Rostek and the current boss, Bryan Bailey who all provided the support and feedback necessary for us to get on with the task at hand with little or no interference.

The volunteers are away too many to name but we tried our best in signaling them out whenever they contributed articles or photos.

Our deepest thanks are directed to you the readers – without you, we would never have grown to over five million views.

It has been and still a real pleasure and certainly a rewarding experience for both Rolande and I to serve as Editor-in-Chief of e-Veritas.