e-Veritas & 8170 Keith Orton – Catch-up!

8170 Keith Orton – Entered Royal Roads Military College in 1965 – Graduated from Royal Military College in 1969 with BA (Honours Economics and Commerce).

We recently caught up with Keith, who happens to be the current Treasurer of the Kingston Branch; we threw a few questions his way. Following are his frank and candid replies:

 1) What inspired me through my career path(s)?


I wanted to earn a good living to support my family and enjoy life. Work /life balance was a real challenge in that work usually won out.

2) What were some of the greatest challenges I faced? How did I overcome them?

Fifteen years ago the company I worked for made a major acquisition. Five of us (who had never worked together before) were sent overseas to turn around a unit of about 2,500 employees scattered around the world which was losing millions of dollars annually. Through hard work, perseverance, dedication and team work, we achieved a positive result within two years (which continues to this day).

3) What are some of the accomplishments I am most proud of?

a) Getting my jump wings as a cadet and proudly wearing them at the college

b) Beating the airborne battery in a quick action competition (Gunners will know what this means)

c) Getting married

d) Getting my law degree and chartered accountant’s designation

e) My two sons

f) My business career

4) Who have been the most influential mentors in my life?

My family (several of whom had served in the military), my economics professor at Royal Roads, our physical training instructor at RMC, my work colleagues

5) What would I describe as a turning point in my life?

When I was in my final year of high school, I was chosen as one of twenty-two Sea Cadets across Canada to spend three months on board a Royal Canadian Navy destroyer to show the new Canadian flag. We cruised from Esquimalt to Hawaii, Midway, Guam, Hong Kong, Japan and Alaska before heading home. It made me appreciate Canada, was a catalyst for my joining the military and heightened my desire to travel.

6) What are my goals for the future?

a) Enjoy retirement and do the things I never felt I had time to do when I was working.

b) Spend more time with my kids and grand-kids

c) Travel for pleasure