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As always, a busy week around the College with activity everywhere. Amongst the many highlights, seeing the paving equipment laying new roads ranked very high! The beginning of the end of this first phase of work and looking very good! We all remain hopeful that the great progress will continue in the last week before Reunion Weekend but recognize that there will still be many ‘signs of progress’ present as the Ex-cadets come home for a visit.

On Tuesday morning, following KP duties at the United Way breakfast see article elsewhere on this post – the Commandant had the privilege of making opening remarks at an RMC/Queen’s co-sponsored workshop focused on “Decision Support” to government. Under the great leadership of Dr. David Last, this workshop brought together leadership from across government, academia and the CF to discuss how RMCC and others can support in the development of a “red cell” capability to assist in senior level decision making with focus on emerging potential areas of conflict. Well done to Dr.Last for his great work!

Representatives from the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York were at the Royal Military College on Wednesday to talk about diversity. (See photo and article elsewhere in this post)

On Wednesday/Thursday the Commandant, CCWO and Principal attended the Comd CDA led Mil Col Strategic Meeting and CDA Command Council. These semi-annual meetings provide the opportunity for leadership from across the Formation to gather and discuss shared issues and challenges. Both meetings proved to be very informative and certainly provided the opportunity for the Formation leadership to gain a common understanding of the priorities moving forward. On Wednesday evening, the group gathered at the SSM, joined by many other members of the Formation, for the first ever CDA Mess Dinner. The attendees were honoured to have the VCDS, VAdm Bruce Donaldson, as the guest of Honour and to hear his perspectives from the 13th floor of the NDHQ South Tower.

On Thurs, the 4th year cadets challenged the obstacle course with energy and confidence. After a quick pep talk from, Major Rob Parent, the Chief Instructor and the CWC, the 4th years set out on this annual event which marks another step towards their graduation while also confirming the readiness and safety of the course prior to the recruits challenging it later this week. The Commandant, “College Mom” and many other members of the College leadership were out in force cheering them along and enjoying the smiles and high morale amongst the senior class. Well done to all!!

On Friday morning, the Commandant and A/Principal, Dr.BJ Fugere, had the opportunity to make opening comments at the College sponsored Seminar on Collaboration on Public Security. This conference, organized in part by Dr. Richard Morchat from, Defence and Security Research Institute (DSRI) provided an important opportunity for the College to meet with research partners including Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), to review research initiatives ongoing and to examine future areas of Collaboration.

Commandant, Commodore Bill Truelove was overheard saying, “RMCC is pleased to have a very close affiliation with DRDC as together we continue to facilitate important research for Government and the Canada.”

On Friday Afternoon (24 Sept) the College was honoured to host Mrs Sally Goddard (next to commandant in photo above) and author, Ms Valerie Fortney (first left). As many will have seen in various medias reports, Ms Fortney has recently published her book entitled “Sunray” which examines the life, leadership and accomplishments of Captain Nichola Goddard, an RMC graduate and great CF leader. Organized by Dr.Michael Hurley (holding copy of Sunray with assistance from LCol Ian Hope, Ms Fortney presented readings from here book to a full audience in Currie Hall. After the reading, Valerie and Sally responded to many excellent questions from the cadets and other guests present. In all, a wonderful event for the College and the Cadets.

Special thanks to Dr Hurley and LCol Hope (to the left of Dr. Hurley at the table) for their leadership in this event. (Sunray visit photos by Steven Mcquaid)

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Friday evening saw many of the College team gather at the SSM for the annual “welcome back” event. With over 150 present, the evening provided a wonderful opportunity for the all members of the team and their families to renew acquaintances and enjoy a terrific meal. After a few opening remarks from the Commandant, CCWO and A/Principal, Dr.Fugere (photo left), the attendees took the opportunity to meet the new members of the College family and compare notes on the year ahead.

Kudos to Maj Bernadette Myslicki and her committee who did such a great job organizing this event.




B&B Open for the School Year… Again!

On Sunday, after a summer pause, the skillets were back out at 6 Merritt Drive as the “College Mom” and support team ( that would be the Commandant, Ashley and new Swiss Exchange daughter, Alexandra ) all under the close supervision of the “Big Dog” Bailey, welcomed 40 cadets for the first Brunch of the year. (There is no truth to the rumour that the two “hams” in the front row were on the menu)


As always, it was great to see such a large turnout with representation from all years and all squadrons. The group enjoyed the opportunity to tour the historic residence, enjoy Brenda’s cooking and relax with their friends and classmates.


What some of the guests had to say…

This year I had the pleasure of attending the “Commandant’s Brunch” with a good number of fellow Officer Cadets for a late Sunday morning meal at Commodore Truelove’s home here on campus.

A warm welcome (and offerings of jelly beans) greeted me at the door as I kicked off my shoes. The relaxed atmosphere of the event initially surprised me but it wasn’t long before I felt completely at home. Rank and position were laid aside as the party of Officer Cadets casually chatted with the Commandant over Tim Horton’s coffee and pancake-flipping in the kitchen. It was there that I discovered a certain dessert which can only be described as a “Super Timbit”.

The party was eventually ushered into the living room where the Commandant officially greeted us to his home and encouraged us to explore the house. The Commandant’s Residence has a long history of housing RMC’s many Commanding Officers for over a century, so naturally the house is full of gems in RMC’s story. I really enjoyed discovering aspect’s of RMC’s history and traditions that I had no idea existed prior to my exploration of the house: including the fact that climbing the inner wall of Fort Frederick was once part of the obstacle course, Officer Cadets used to have parades on horseback and that the Stone Frigate once paraded in full scarlets minus their pants (in typical 1 Squadron fashion they wore highly-revealing white boxers.) These old traditions made me laugh and also gave me a sense of being part of something much bigger than I was: an institution with a long and proud history.

The brunch itself was delicious: scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausages, and chocolate cake. In all, it was the perfect cure for a hangover (as many Officer Cadets secretly remarked). Before the end of the brunch the Commandant chatted with groups of Cadets about “the Good Ol’ Days” at Royal Roads and about upcoming projects on campus.

I really enjoyed the Commandant’s Brunch as it proved to be a refreshing way to relax/procrastinate on a Sunday morning. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys good food, good company and good times.

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