e-Veritas Fundraiser on Behalf of the Club: Supporters Come Through! See list.

e-Veritas Fundraiser on Behalf of the Club: Supporters  Come Through!

 Article by – 9143 Bruce McAlpine – RMC Club President

Bruce McAlpine

As you are probably aware, it is quite common for not-for-profit associations to try to offer services of value to their members while operating on shoe string budgets.  In our case, in previous years we have often needed to do some minor fund-raising in the last month of the fiscal year to finish in the black.

This year, we recognized early on that our costs were up due to a variety of factors associated with changing our fiscal year end and working through some computer systems conversions.  We also recognized that our revenues were down due to factors like decreases in ad revenues as our advertisers were moving away from the print medium.

While we are working on permanent solutions to our revenue and cost models which will kick in next year, we have taken the unusual step of going out to our membership 4 months in advance of our year end to ask for some help.

Bill Oliver and his team have contacted a number of ‘friends’ of e-Veritas, friends of friends, and a number of Class Secretaries who were asked to spread the word.

We set a goal of $40,000.  Although we’re not quite there – yet – we have decided to shut down the ‘asking’ part of the process. We’re hoping that there will still be some final cheques in the mail or even some last minute phone calls to help us coast to the finish line.

We have often been asked – ‘can you provide a tax receipt?’  At the time this article is being written it ‘appears’ that we should be able to do so in the near future. There is, however, still some red tape to sort out, which is unlikely to occur before the 2019 tax season. Not ideal but still pretty good news!

I’d like to thank Bill & Rolande Oliver for all their efforts on this special project, as well as Anna-Michelle Shewfelt and Officer Cadet Tyler Rolfe who were in the trenches all the way handling most of the essential administrative tasks.

And of course I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to the cause of helping us finish “in the black”.  Following is a list by College number of those ‘friends of e-Veritas’ who have donated to date.

Thank you all!


Rolande and Bill Oliver

Update from Bill & Rolande Oliver:

Current list of tangible supporters –  updated 21 Dec…

2851 A. Ben Young, 3068 Sidney Lundell, 3069 Bill McColl, 3080 Paul Preville, 3186 Robert Allan, 3201 Austen Cambon, 3221 Jon Jennekens, W3252 Liana Tromanhauser, 3303 John Neroutsos, 3334 Dave Wightman, 3342 Craig Moffatt, 3348 Ron Radley, 3358 Eriki Bolli, 3429 Gord Smith, 3489 George Aldworth, 3557 John Rutherford, 3564 Bill Shearing, 3565 Archie Brown, 3608 Frank Hlohovsky, 3611 Ian Galbraith,

3620 Patrick Thomson, 3659 Murray Stewart, H3918 Al Roberts, 3921 Roy Strickland, 4051 Marc Massicotte, 4084 Bernard Montpetit, 4110 Thomas Morton, 4157 Robin Bryan, W4178 Gail Argue, 4259 Skip Sears, 4270 Sean H. Henry, 4411 Sam Kingdom, H4459 E.R. Murray, 4467 R. Brian Smale, 4672 Paul Corbeil, 4824 John Treddenick, 4826 Tom Newburn, 5045 Ralph Awrey, 5054 Duncan Thomas, 5105 Jack Granatstein, 5185 Carl Kristjansen,

5207 Andrew Robb, 5244 Tony Downs, 5337 Bob Carr, 5361 Frank Edmonds, 5413 Bruce McGibbon, 5480 GAry Ferguson,5447 Lucien Roy, 5472 James Colbeck, 5477 David Edgecombe, 5487 Bob Hart, 5492 John Joynt, 5505 Ronald Murray, 5507 Jack Peltier, 5514 Carl Rose, 5586 Ian Mottershead, 5604 Ken Smee, 5675 Dennis Apedaile, 5723 Tony Tucker, 5747 Ron May, 5780 Bernie Laliberté, 5805 Bill Evans,

5842 Nigel Van Loan, 5877 Ted Davie, 5932 Dale Nikiforuk, 5990 Dave Borrowman, 6219 Rob Boadway,6282 Michael J Miller, 6296 David Renshaw, 6364 Michael Braham, 6396 Rod MacKinnon, 6439 Hugh Spence, 6475 Michael Houghton, 6523 Terry Colfer, 6541 Fraser Holman, 6559 Gerry Mueller, 6566 Doug Ross, 6575 L.T Taylor, 6588 Stephen Arnold, 6607 Kenneth Clarkson, 6611 Douglas Cope, 6612 Bruce Corbett,

6630 Peter Glynn, 6777 Michel Charron,7278 Peter Fosbery, 7468 Eddy Morin, 7499 Gordon Hovington, 7536 Barry Taylor, 7743 Jim Gale, 7761 Michael Johnson, 7762 Garth Jonah, Les Yule, 7838 Henri Cardinal, 7855 Paul Hession, 7924 Robert Bradshaw, 8074 Doug Smith, 8162 Ken Moulden, 8170 Keith Orton, 8378 Bas Wheeler, 8475 Rem Westland, 8535 John Laidler, 8816 Marius Grinius,

8833 John Leggat, 8851 John Moyer, 8969 Ron Routledge, 9143 Bruce McAlpine, 9598 Macr Poitras, 9721 David Snook, 9765 Nanning Duinker, 9873 Rejean Landry, 9884 Robert Banks, 10080 Bob Booth, 10162 Brian Palmer, 10918 Gord Brown, 10950 David Hall, 10966 Michel Maisonneuve; 10982 Charles (Chuck) Oliviero, 11002 William Sergeant, 11306 Pierre Rivard, 11450 Stan Benda, 11564 Do9ug Southen, 11671 Tony Hunt,

11732 John Wenek, 11848 Frank Vagi, 11938 Don Olechowski, 12046 Pierre Ducharme, 12173 Richard Gimblett, 12192 Tom Lawson, 12200 Glen Mackay, 12632 Mike Ward, 12635 Wayner Yee, 13140 Jeremy Mansfield, 13348 Larry Biggin, 13551 Guy Thibault, 14368 Eric Sisi, 15414 Catherine Paquet-Rivard, 15519 Sandra Sukstorf, 16493 Chandragupta Sooran, 24352 Cristy Montoya, 24712 Brent Fisher, 26267 Erik St-Gelais, B0022 David Stinson,

Class of 1983, F&F 28897 Melanie L. Darroch, V.I. Branch.


We update our ‘tangible supporters of e-Veritas’ list as we receive donations. Let us know if you sent us (e-Veritas) a donation and you don’t see your name posted. It is possible that a clerical error has occurred and we will rectify it ASAP. Tks again, to everyone who is on our ‘tangible supporters’ list.


Although we are winding up this fundraising campaign; we look forward to adding to our list of supporters.

Dear Bill & Rolande, please ensure the Website, Veritas magazine, and e-Veritas continues the work of keeping alumni and friends of the colleges connected.




_____Other   Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Submit by: Cheque or credit card – by postal____   / Cheque or Credit Card – by e-mail or  postal, by phone to – Bill Oliver______613 – 541-6000 x6814

Name (first & last)___________    ______________

College #  ________

Card #___________________________ Expiry Date_____ /3 digit # on back of card ______

Full name on credit card______________________

Type of Card ______Visa_______Master Card ________Other?

Return: [email protected]

or postal mail – Make cheque payable to RMC Club – for e-Veritas

RMC Club of Canada
Panet House, 15 Point Frederick Dr.
Kingston, Ontario K7K 7B4
Tel: 613 541-6000 x 6814

Note: We are ‘in & out’ of the office quite a bit these days. If you call and want to chat – please leave a call back number.


“Remember that the person who plants few seeds will have a small crop; the one who plants many seeds will have a large crop.” 

2 Corinthians 9