e-Veritas lucks-in with high energy writer for the summer

27476 OCdt Danielle Fielding: Summer writer for e-Veritas

Danielle Fielding

27476 Danielle Fielding started at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) four years ago in the fall of 2014.

She started her Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) career at the  Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS), doing two weeks of indoctrination, followed by five weeks of First Year Orientation Period (FYOP) at RMC in Kingston. Fielding was selected to be a part of 2 Squardron, also named Lasalle squadron, one of twelve at RMC. She is a proud member of the squadron, making close friends with other cadets part of the squadron of all years.

The Ottawa native likes to keep busy; while at RMC she participated in a multitude of clubs and activities.

Having a passion for dance she joined the Highland Dance Team (HDT), participating all four years. As part of the HDT she performed at numerous events, such as historical hockey games, such as the Carr Harris Cup and the West Point classic, Mess Dinners and Sunset Ceremonies. In addition, it was with the HDT she had the opportunity to go on weekend exchanges to both the United State Naval Academy (USNA) and the United States Military Academy (USMA).

Being a certified lifeguard from before she joined RMC, she was attracted to the First Response Team. It was with FRT that Fielding continued to practice her first aid skills, even working with the St John Ambulance on occasion and learning skills such as how to load patients into an ambulance.

During her time at RMC Danielle also joined many clubs. She was a part of both the recreational swimming team and the competitive running team. This led to her desire to train for a triathlon, taking that as her 4th year elective gym class.

Although Fielding was a computer science major, she had an interest in politics. She decided to get a minor in politics, and took this interest one step further, joining the RMC International Association. She was the Vice-President of the club in her third year, working with many other bright and politically inclined cadets.

With the Royal Military College International Affairs Association (RMCIAA) team, the well spoken and confident Officer Cadet also participated in conferences both locally and internationally. She had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC twice. Last but not least, Fielding takes great passion in her role as a member of the Peer Assistant Group Member (PAG). Joining in second year, she participated actively in PAG. In 2nd and 3rd year she was the A Divisional PAG Leader, and in 4th year became the PAG President. Mental health and wellness of her fellow cadets has always been a priority to her, making this one of her greatest personal achievements.

Looking back, she would not have changed a thing knowing the help and support she has provided to fellow cadets and friends. Fielding now looks ahead to what is awaiting her past the Arches of RMC.

Both Bill and Rolande are delighted that Danielle will be part of the e-Veritas team.  The future Sigs Officer has started off at a fast pace; readers will see at least three articles of hers in this Issue.

We are particularly grateful that the College Training Wing was able to make OCdt Fielding available to us over the next couple of months.