e-Veritas – New Year – New Format (Update)

e-Veritas – New Year – New Format


e-Veritas just celebrated our 12th year anniversary.  Little did we realize back in Jan 2005 that we would still be still pumping out 45 – 50 Issues per year. Over this time-frame we have used two different formats.

Beginning with this Issue #1 for 2017 we are trying (a new & improved) third layout / format. We ask for your continued support and patience as we learn how to properly navigate this new system.

In addition, to the usual wrinkles and sorting out kinks with anything new, yours truly, is a little slow on the uptake, aka ‘brain-cramp’. In particular, the reader will notice that I’m all over the place in regards to the photos.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I ‘get’ it! For the next few Issues – we will stick with KISS.

Thanks everyone for the past support; rest assured we will do our best to keep e-Veritas relevant.

Short update: We are slowly getting close to ‘getting it’. In particular, posting the photos has been a challenge.  Also, we are understand some readers have had trouble findinding the right link.

KISS is still the order of the day!!