e-Veritas: The way forward

Note: The feature photo above does not include ‘visits’ from the first two plus years of production. The count from that format:

Grand total: 6,347,570 – Thank you all for the consistent support.

With this first e-Veritas Issue of 2018, we are entering our 14th year of keeping Ex Cadets and other ‘family’ members of the military colleges connected.

We want to especially thank those who left a comment and / sent us a note / or card, as part of our year-end message. This tangible feedback is very much appreciated.

Before we close the page on 2017 completely, we look back with a great deal of pride on the results of the Birchall Award Dinner. We put our best efforts forward, in helping to promote it, with a series of articles throughout the summer leading up to the big night – 28 Oct. Including a post dinner writeup. The finacial benefit for the RMC Foundation was in excess of $87,000.00!

Here is what M0472 Barbara Maisonneuve – Past Chair – Birchall Committee had to say about the e-Veritas support:

“My last official function as Chair of the Birchall Award Committee, and as a member of the Board of Directors of the RMC Foundation, was the 2017 Hamilton Birchall Award Dinner.  Now, as the dust settles, and only the final tallies are left I would like to say a special thank-you to the people who bring you this publication – the staff of e-Veritas.  Their unwavering support and cheerful last minute, “Sure, we can do that!” made our job that much easier and contributed enormously to the success of this dinner.  From the early days of date changes and dress code confirmations, to the continued advertising and last-minute push to sell tickets, Bill Oliver and his e-Veritas team were incredible.  There were times when I know Bill held up final publication to get my update in.  There was even a time or two when he suggested to me that we might want to advertise the latest details of the event.  The evening itself – Bill and Rolande were there in person to show their support.  I know that Bob Carr, President of the Hamilton Branch, will echo this enormous thank-you to Bill and the team – their contribution to our success was significant.  Merci encore, Bill!” 

We certainly appreciate this public thank you in recognizing our support to the Foundation in 2017.

On to other things.

The biggest changes we have seen in recent years, are the introduction of other great social media tools:  Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Google+  just to name a few. These tools are now very active and mostly successful everywhere one turns within the military colleges community.

Consequently, we have very few ‘breaking news’ articles – which is ok. So to stay relevant, we have to change with the times.  We continuously look for unique gems for every Issue.

We have a number of new ideas to improve our content for 2018. Wish us luck!

Also, we invite readers to scan and send us photos from their time – wearing scarlets, 4s, 5s or sixes (gym gear, or civies) at anyone of the three colleges.

We are always on the lookout to do articles on Ex Cadets and former staff members from anyone of the three military colleges too:

What was your entry year? What prompted you to attend? When did you leave? Any specific memorable military colleges experiences? What did you go on to do in your career? How did your education / or training at military help shape you during your career.  For former military colleges staff person: What year(s) did you work at a CMC(s) – what are your memories?

Input and unsolicited tips on a particular individual and / or events are always appreciated. Some of our best articles are those that have been sent to us; often out-of-no where.

An e-mail, or phone call, from a reader telling us about a special event; a milestone; about themselves or a ‘bud’ will always grab our attention.

We are aware that our lack of french written articles is a negative. Rolande is no longer able to keep up with the number of articles that should be in both languages – including this one.  If there is a reader out there who can help out in this regard let us know.

In short, we need a whole lot of help in putting together relevant, interesting, enjoyable english & french articles each and every Issue. Please keep this in mind, as the coming weeks and months roll by.

With best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year to everyone.

Bill and Rolande, Editors – e-Veritas

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  • Jill Carleton

    January 11, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    Thank you, Bill and Rolande, for your continued support in “getting out the word” every week. I echo Barbara’s words of thanks.

    Thank you also for the wonderful recap of the year. The Birchall Dinner was a grand success; the result of very hard work by the Organising Committee led by Barbara and hosted by the Hamilton Branch. BZ to all.