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  • Elemental Mess Dinners Provide Opportunity for Networking & Recognition / Les dîners du mess élémentaire offrent une occasion de réseautage et de reconnaissance

Elemental Mess Dinners Provide Opportunity for Networking & Recognition / Les dîners du mess élémentaire offrent une occasion de réseautage et de reconnaissance

Above: RMC Naval Cadets, serving officers, and senior leaders of the Navy at the Naval Mess Dinner. / Ci-dessus: Cadets de la Marine du CMR, officiers en service et hauts dirigeants de la Marine royale canadienne lors du dîner du mess naval.

All photos taken from the Twitter Page of VAdm Art McDonald and can be found here. / Toutes les photos prises sur la page Twitter du Vam Art McDonald et peuvent être trouvées ici.

Navy Mess Dinner a “Must-Attend Event” for RMC’s Naval Cadets

On March 4th, RMC held the much anticipated Navy mess dinner at the senior staff mess on campus. In attendance was the Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, Vice Admiral McDonald , along numerous other VIPs. The event was mainly held for the benefit of myself and other graduating Naval Cadets at the College to network with senior leadership and embrace the naval traditions of a formal mess dinner.

I had the rare opportunity to acquaint with senior officers such as Captain Troy Richard, who is overseeing the future development of the Navy, as well as Commodore Angus Topshee, commander of the Pacific fleet, who was sitting right beside me. Meeting the senior leadership has instilled more confidence in my chain of command and increased my enthusiasm to join the fleet upon graduation.

As with all mess dinners, there was a welcome amount of banter and good stories of not so good times. The personal side of our senior leadership was well on display and made them all the more relatable to us naval cadets.

After the meal concluded, many worthy people were recognized for the contributions they have made to navy culture at RMC as well as their performance as model leaders for others. This recognition of merit is always welcome and inspiring to everyone.

Overall, the mess dinner is definitely a must attend event, and a once in a blue moon opportunity to network and connect with both the senior leadership as well as the future leaders of the fleet that are soon graduating. – NCdt Yu Jie Wang

As a fourth year Naval Cadet, the Navy Mess dinner provided an excellent opportunity to connect with mariners of all trades and experiences. The Naval community at RMC is quite small so the mess hall could not be filled with purely fourth years alone and first through third years were invited to fill our ranks. Thanks to this it brought those from many levels of experience and livens up the event. Having open discussions between Commodores, first years and fourth years allowed for all walks of military life to intertwine. The multitude of refreshments and delicious food certainly helped facilitate this.

The three table heads, Naval Cadet Baker, Naval Cadet Young and Naval Cadet Goliath brought a fervent energy to the dinner. There was never a dull moment with these three involved. The atmosphere of the dinner was fun and easy going, laughs were plentiful and friendships were reaffirmed.

Admirals, Commodores and Chiefs that I had never talked with before engaged in comedic discourse free from judgment. Rank had disappeared and all attendees were swept up in the whimsical air of the hall.

At the end of the dinner, three swords were presented to the top cadets in the three trades of Logistics Officer, Naval Warfare Officer and Technical Officer. All recipients were extremely surprised to be receiving their prize but all of them were equally worthy of their achievement.

My only gripe is that there needs to be more bathroom breaks… – NCdt Colin Hearnshaw

Above: The 2020 Naval Swords of Distinction winners, from left to right, NCdt Eve Baker, NCdt Loic Richardson, and NCdt Cael Halvorsen. / Ci-dessus: les gagnants des épées de distinction navales de 2020, de gauche à droite, Aspm Eve Baker, Aspm Loic Richardson et Aspm Cael Halvorsen.


Army Mess Dinner from the Officer Cadets’ Perspectives / Souper régimentaire de l’Armée du point de vue des élèves-officiers

On the 26th of February, the annual Fourth Year Army Mess Dinner was held. It was a great opportunity to celebrate the culmination of four years of hard work, along with interacting with fellow army officer cadets and army personnel. After receiving a lecture from the Army Commander and Army Chief Warrant Officer the same day for a personal development session on the topic of the future of the military, the army officer’s cadets had the exclusive opportunity to speak with the Army Command Team individually over the course of the mess dinner. This opportunity is very exclusive and many officer cadets took advantage of it to extract knowledge and answers from those who will be their future bosses in only a few short months. The mess dinner provided the chance to recognize fellow officer cadets in their trade, if they weren’t already completely certain. This is important because these classmates will not only be on their training phases, but more importantly will most definitely be working with each other in the near future. It is important to form bonds and work relationships at the least with other army officers because it is a huge advantage to establish a network early. The mess dinner facilitated this advantage by bringing together all the Fourth Year army officers at one event, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The mess dinner was conducted in an appropriate manner and all attendees were respectful throughout the event. – OCdt Deven Deguara

Le souper régimentaire de l’Armée canadienne pour les 4e années au Collège militaire royal du Canada à Kingston (CMR) est une formidable occasion pour apprendre les différents rites liés à cette merveilleuse tradition. Au cours de nos quatre années, nous n’avons que deux soupers régimentaires : en première année et en quatrième année. Dès lors, ce deuxième marque un passage qui nous amènera bientôt vers le brevet d’officier et la graduation de cette institution. De plus, ce souper régimentaire ne regroupait que des gens de l’Armée de terre et il avait lieu dans le fabuleux Mess des officiers et des cadres du CMR.

Nous avons eu le plaisir d’avoir le commandant de l’Armée canadienne et ancien élève-officier du CMR, le lieutenant-général Wayne Eyre, comme invité d’honneur. Dans une atmosphère détendue de camaraderie et de rire, le commandant de l’Armée nous a tout de même rappelé le rôle difficile qui nous attendait en tant que futur officier de cet élément des Forces armées canadiennes.

Somme toute, ce fut une expérience très agréable qui a permis à tous les élèves-officiers présents de profiter d’une tradition militaire regroupant excellente nourriture, bonne compagnie et… quelques consommations alcoolisées. Tout le monde s’est assuré de comprendre les nombreuses étapes compris dans un souper régimentaire, telles que les marches militaires avec le porto ou l’étiquette une fois assis à la table, afin de connaître la base de cette tradition avant d’arriver au régiment. – Élof Mikaël Cousineau