English Class Project Honours Fallen Ex-Cadets Part 5

Over the next few weeks eVeritas will be publishing excerpts from the recently published “The Dark Mist Cast Across the Guns – Poems in Honour of Remembrance Day,” by the 2018-2019 ENE110-1 class at RMC in Kingston. Please note this volume is available for free in the RMC Gift Shop.

No. 8462 Capt Robert Alexander Ross

Killed in an aircraft accident

Near Mahone Bay, NS

5 October 1976

In memory of Captain (Capitaine) Robert Alexander Ross

By OCdt 29013 Isiah Hughes

born on the Water back in noranda,

he left homE for kingston to go sign with

naval foRces that used propaganda,

but crEated family in dartMouth.

the hard training and challenging coursEs

paid off: this navy man is now flying

out of his eleMent in the forces;

in the air can Be quite terrifying.

tragically, this flight will bE his last –

now he’s gone at just twenty-nine yeaRs Young.

despite the fact it happened in the past,

we wOn’t forget; he will not be Unsung.

why did he leave in a horrible crash –

now he is memories … and ash …

One Comment

  • 7776 Chris Lythgo

    June 18, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    A great initiative! It is important we honour all who have lost their lives in service to our country whether in war or peace.