English Class Project Honours Fallen Ex-Cadets

Over the next few weeks eVeritas will be publishing excerpts from the recently published “The Dark Mist Cast Across the Guns – Poems in Honour of Remembrance Day,” by the 2018-2019 ENE110-1 class at RMC in Kingston.

No. 10915 Anthony Bowie

Drowned while attempting the Obstacle Course at RMC

29 September 1972


by 29117 OCdt Rachel Kim

I calmly wait as they sprint towards me.

A group of youth, fueled by inspiration,

jumped into my embrace and I held thee.

Then it sank in, the harsh realization:

I clung unto you until we were one,

exchanging warmth with my cold crisp contact;

My burning sensation settled in you.

Please do not be scared; do not feel attacked.

One’s best friend is another’s enemy;

One that gave life took another’s away.

For some loved ones, I was their remedy;

For his, I am the reason they had prayed.

I am the reason he took his last breath;

I am the reason for his death.



  • Karmin McKay 10970

    April 23, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    On behalf of the Class of 76, thank you for the poem related to Tony. OCdt Kim, you will now have more than 100 soon the be old brigade ex cadets looking to thank you.

  • Mike Siska

    April 23, 2019 at 8:21 pm

    Very moving …the death of Anthony Bowie due to that obsacle course event is such a tragic loss and we live in hope that such a death will not occur again.

  • Don Lovell

    April 23, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    Members of Frontenac Squadron were celebrating the completion of Recruit Term at the Cadet Mess the evening of Friday 29 September 1972 when the word came in that all Squadron members were to report to Frontenac Building. Squadron Commander Major G.D. McDonald informed us that 10195 O/CDT Bowie was missing and that a check of his room had revealed that all his kit was there. It was thus thought that Bowie had not gone AWOL. The Squadron dispersed over the obstacle course checking the grounds but to no avail. It was known by some that Tony was not a good swimmer. Sunday morning as the Cadet Wing lined the route for the Ex-Cadet March Past a black hearse slowly drove by the assembled cadets. Tony’s body had been found in the water by the dock behind the Frigate. Earlier that month, 4 Sqn had attended the memorial service for 1st year 10610 Nic Policelli in Currie Hall, Mackenzie Building. Nic had drowned during Phase One training in Chilliwack. Fourth year Chuck Holbrook, also of 4 Sqn passed from cancer several months later. 9763 Barney Deschneider a 4 Sqn D/CFL was seriously injured in the car accident the took 9694 W.R. “Muff” Moffat’s life just before grad. A tough year.
    10263 Don Lovell 4 Sqn 1972-74

  • Chantel Lavoie

    April 24, 2019 at 1:27 pm

    This is a very moving poem in response to an assignment given annually in Dr. B’s ENE110 class. Thank you to Ocdt Kim for writing this, and to the entire class for the publication.