Environmental Preparation Training (EPT): Through the eyes of staff & the media



“I remember when the RCAF AND RCN cadets just got the week off while the army cadets got their boots and kit ready for another summer in the field.”

…Ex Cadet from the late 1990s to early 2000s



Artillery EPT

Submitted by Captain Eric Robison – 12 Squadron commander

Artillery EPT week took place in conjunction with 30th Field Regiment in Ottawa. OCdt’s received instruction on reconnaissance (Recce) and Deployment principles, Artillery Battle procedure, and Gun Drill.

During the week in Ottawa the OCdt’s took part in a Command Post Exercise (CPX) and received valuable training in 30th Field Regiment’s Indirect Fire Trainer (IFT) as well as deploying on a dry Field Training Exercise (FTX)  deploying guns and mortars.

The week was wrapped up with some lectures by senior officers from 30th Field Regiment about their time and experiences while at Regiment, with some additional lectures on history and traditions in the Artillery.


RMCC Naval Cadets – Ready, Aye, Ready

Article by: Lt(N) Rob Medeiros – Standards Officer, Royal Military College of Canada

The Naval Cadets of RMCC got some exposure to Navy life and some lessons that will help them with their training this summer.

The week started off with lectures discussing the Combat, Emergency and Special Party Watch and Station Bill as the Cadets were split into four Watches (or groups). There were more riveting lectures on the language of the Navy ,“Jackspeak”, Boarding Party, Basic Ship-handling, Collision Regulations and Naval Flags and Maritime lights. Lessons on Ship stability and Damage Control were a particular highlight for the Naval Technical Officers.

The Naval Cadets got hands on, conducting boat work with the support of HMCS CATARAQUI as the Cadets got to pilot the Ridged-Hulled Inflatable boat (RHIB), and the SR2 Hurricane. The SV ROYAL ROADS took a few Cadets for a quick sail in preparation for their time on HMCS ORIOLE this summer.

There were lessons on knot tying and heaving lines with most of the Cadets managing to master the Bowline knot.

Finally, the Cadets were given the opportunity to refresh their weapon skills in the Small Arms Trainer and the week concluded with a visit to the Canadian Coast Guard Station in Prescott, ON.

In all, the RMCC Naval Cadets are eager to carry on with the plethora of training and On the Job Employment opportunities that the RCN has planned for them this summer.

Ready, Aye, Ready!


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